How many pets are allowed?

St. Peters allows a total of three pets in any combination of dogs, cats or domestic others:

  • A dog, cat or domestic other each count as one pet.
  • Five chinchillas, guinea pigs or other rodents over the age of three months, or any combination thereof, shall count as one pet unit.
  • Five hamsters, mice or other small rodent-related mammals over the age of three months shall constitute one pet unit.
  • In addition to the three pets, two additional foster pets are allowed. To be recognized as a fostered pet the animal must be obtained from an animal shelter registered by the Missouri Department of Agriculture through the Animal Care Facilities Act.
  • A litter of puppies or a litter of kittens are exempted from the pet limit calculation until the pets reach the age of four months. Only one litter of either puppies or kittens is exempted from the pet limit calculation at any time.

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