How do I participate in the Blue Crew?

If you live within a multi-family complex, such as an apartment or condominium, you can sign up for the Blue Crew program and receive a one-year supply of Blue Bags delivered to your home. Please use the Blue Bags to recycle by placing all of your paper items in one Blue Bag and all of your recyclable container items in another Blue Bag. When your Blue Bag is full, double-tie it closed and place the Blue Bag in one of the dumpsters at your complex along with your trash bags. When the City of St. Peters picks up the trash and Blue Bags from the dumpster, the load will be taken to Recycle City for sorting and the Blue Bag items will be recycled.

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1. How do I participate in the Blue Crew?
2. Is there a cost for the program?
3. How and when can I sign up for the program?
4. When will I get my Blue Bag delivery?
5. Will I have to sign up for the program each year?
6. What happens if I run out of Blue Bags before the end of the year?
7. Will I be able to pick up Blue Bags at my complex office or at a City of St. Peters facility?
8. Can I still participate in the City of St. Peters’ annual Recycling Contest?