What should I expect at check-in?

If you have registered as part of a Scout troop, church organization, or school group, please check in with your group leader only. Then, after your group members have checked in with your group leader, the group leader can approach the check-in table. This will allow for a faster check-in process. If you have registered as an individual or as a family, please go directly to the check-in table and we will mark you on our list. At check-in, we will confirm the number in your group, confirm the creek segment you picked to clean, give you gloves and direct you to your staging area where you will find trash bags for your use. T-shirts will be distributed when volunteers return from cleaning.

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1. Who can volunteer?
2. I have young children. Can they participate in clean streams day?
3. Can I bring a whole group of people?
4. How do I pre-register?
5. The registration form only has room for 15 names. I have more than 15 people in my group. What should I do?
6. On the registration form, why do I have to mark if they are a child or adult?
7. How do I decide which creek segment to choose?
8. I’ve finally decided on the creek segment I want to clean, but the form says it’s unavailable. What does that mean?
9. I’ve never participated in a clean stream day before, what can I expect?
10. What should I expect at check-in?
11. What should I wear?
12. Where do I pick up my free T-shirt?
13. If we are checking in at 370 Lakeside Park's Corporate Pavilion, how do we get to the creek to clean it?
14. How do we clean the trash out of the creek? What do we do with it?
15. Where should I park?
16. What if it rains?
17. Where should I park at the creek?
18. It says free donuts and juice. Where will this be located?
19. It says volunteers get a free lunch. What’s for lunch?
20. I cannot volunteer this time. When is the next Clean Stream event?