What are the standards for approval of a special use permit?

The Planning Commission reviews the particular circumstances of the proposed special use permit in terms of the following standards:

  1. The proposed special use complies with all applicable provisions of the St. Peters City Code, including intensity of use regulations, setback regulations and use limitations.
  2. The proposed special use on the specified real property will contribute to and promote the general, welfare, health, safety and convenience of the public.
  3. The location and size of the special use, the nature and intensity of the operation involved in or conducted in connection with it, and the location of the real property with respect to streets giving access to it are such that the special use will not adversely affect the immediate neighborhood so as to prevent development and use of neighboring property in accordance with the applicable zoning district regulations. In determining whether the special use will adversely affect the immediate neighborhood, consideration shall be given to:
    1. The location, nature and height of buildings, structures, walls and fences on the real property; and
    2. The nature and extent of proposed landscaping and screening on the real property.
  4. Off-street parking and loading areas will be provided in accordance with the standards set forth in the St. Peters City Code.
  5. Adequate utility, drainage and other such necessary facilities have been or will be provided on the real property.
  6. Adequate access roads, entrances and exit drives shall be provided and shall be so designed to prevent traffic hazards and to minimize traffic congestion on public streets and alleys.
  7. In considering applications for a special use permit, the Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Aldermen shall require such conditions of use as either may deem necessary to protect the general welfare of the City and the surrounding real property and to achieve the objectives of this Chapter.
  8. A time limitation may be imposed on the special uses identified in the district regulations contained in this Chapter. Said special use permit time limitations shall be renewable at the discretion of the Board of Aldermen after consideration of the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

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