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Posted on: August 1, 2023

BLUE CART CREW CHANGE: No More than One Delivery of Blue Bags Allowed within 60-Day Period

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If you recycle with the Blue Cart Crew as a St. Peters resident, then you can signal that you need new recycling Blue Bags by tying a plastic bag (any type of plastic bag) on your trash cart handle.

A new rule that starts today, Aug. 1, 2023, is that Blue Bags will not be delivered to any one address more than once in a 60-day period. If you are a Blue Cart Crew member who received Blue Bags less than 60 days ago, and you tie a plastic bag on your trash cart handle, a new roll of Blue Bags will be delivered to your address at the end of that 60-day period.

If you need additional Blue Bags quicker than 60 days since you last received Blue Bags, you may come to Recycle City at 131 Ecology Drive to pick up a roll.

Blue Bag costs continue to rise. This new rule helps control costs, while providing plenty of Blue Bags for normal use. Each roll contains 26 Blue Bags.

The City of St. Peters offers our residents the chance to enroll in the Blue Cart Crew in order to recycle curbside with Blue Bags. When they enroll in the Blue Cart Crew, residents promise to only use Blue Bags for recycling—not for regular trash, yard waste, or any other improper use.

Blue Cart Crew members are identified by having a blue trash cart or a Blue Cart Crew sticker on their green cart.

Blue Cart Crew members recycle using Blue Bags by placing recyclable containers in one Blue Bag and paper items in a separate Blue Bag:

  • RECYCLABLE CONTAINERS include tin cans, aluminum cans, and plastic containers with a No. 1 or 2. Many types of water bottles, milk jugs, detergent and household cleaner containers fall in these categories. Due to market conditions for recyclable commodities, the City of St. Peters is not accepting other types of plastics: Please do NOT recycle No. 3 through 7 plastics and black plastic. For example, the cups you get from convenience store soda fountain drinks cannot be recycled. Please do not place other metals or plastics such as toasters, mufflers, coat hangers, or children’s toys in the bags as they will not be recycled.
  • PAPER AND SMALL PIECES OF CARDBOARD can be placed in a Blue Bag separately from containers. Large pieces of cardboard can be placed directly in your trash cart for recycling.

The Blue Bags are then double-tied and placed in the trash container along regular trash bags.
Blue Cart Crew members, please remember:

  • Only recycle items you know to be recyclable. When it doubt, throw it out!
  • Fill all Blue Bags completely before placing them in your trash cart. Stuffing your Blue Bags full helps save YOU money by reducing the costs of the Blue Bag program.

To learn more about recycling and trash service in St. Peters, please visit our website at and download the STPCollects mobile app.

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