Fairfax Drive Stormwater Improvement

The stormwater infrastructure along Fairfax Drive currently discharges into Dardenne Creek in three locations along Fairfax Drive. All three outfalls are in poor condition, with separated joints, cracks, and sinkholes present. This project will combine three outfalls into one single discharge location between 31 Fairfax Drive and 33 Fairfax Drive. The other two outfalls will be grout filled and abandoned and will have the discharge location stabilized. 

The City of St. Peters is completing acquisition of the necessary easements for this project; we are waiting on one last parcel. Thank you to everyone for responding and working with us to bring these improvements to your neighborhood. We are currently finalizing the plans and specifications, and the project is tentatively scheduled to go to construction in late spring.  Please continue to check this page for updates.