Ollie's Fun Forest

Play for All in Your Hometown!

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What does it mean for a community to have a place where everyone can play together? Where parents can share the joy of their children of all abilities and watch all their kids just be kids—or even join them on the equipment?

The City of St. Peters made this dream a reality for our community in 2022 when we built “Ollie’s Fun Forest”, a fully-inclusive and ADA-compliant playground focused on delivering a joyful play experience for all! Check out Ollie's Fun Forest at 101 City Centre Park Drive off Mexico Road.

Ollie's Fun Forest Features

  • Natural tree-based design integrated with City Centre Park’s surrounding forest
  • Color palette that doesn’t overstimulate users, while still using accent colors and wayfinding to guide kids to important park features
  • Wide paths and ramps
  • Equipment with different degrees of difficulty located in close proximity to encourage engagement between children of diverse abilities
  • Resting points that allow children to rest without leaving the play area
  • Shaded seating at each play area to provide the best vantage points for supervision
  • Areas of high activity as well as calming spaces
  • Permanent perimeter fencing
  • Upgraded restroom featuring a separate family room, adult-size changing table, wheelchair-friendly full-length mirrors and full-length urinals

We also redesigned the trail system, the parking lot, and the existing rental pavilion to create an entirely inclusive experience the moment you arrive at the park. These unique amenities make this destination playground an unmatched benefit to the entire region.

And we’re not done yet: plans are already underway to add a sensory trail, which is expected to be complete in Fall 2023!

Sensory Trail at City Centre Park

This is the first fully inclusive playground (and outdoor restroom) in our City, but it certainly won’t be our last! As we continue to add new features as funding is available to Ollie’s Fun Forest, we want to bring similar upgrades and features to all of our City parks. Ollie’s Fun Forest is a groundbreaking milestone in our mission to make St. Peters an all-inclusive City and a great place to play… for all!