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Happy Trails!

September 2023 UpFront Newsletter

Do you ever want to get out, take a walk, enjoy the outdoors and just take a moment for yourself? In St. Peters, we’ve got miles and miles of paved trails that give our residents a chance to enjoy a walk or run or bike ride. Not only can you get some exercise, you also have a chance to check out some beautiful scenery and plants, or spot wildlife. A trip through nature can provide some great therapy. Our trails make it possible right outside your back door, and we keep adding more … so far, more than 27 miles worth of paved trails!

In fact, in St. Peters, three out of four residents live within a half mile of a park or trail, and nine out of 10 residents live within a mile of a park or trail.

Park trails help people get out and get away. It’s great for peace of mind and for your health. Even more than that, trails help our community prosper! People who search for homes often list access to trails as one of the top amenities that they seek. That goes for homeowners of all ages. This means that your home is more valuable because we have a great park system. Plus, businesses want to locate in a community that values parks and trails, because they know those amenities add to residents’ quality of life. Companies want to invest in a community where people want to live, work, and play.

Learn more about St. Peters’ parks and trails at

Happy trails!

As always, I ask that you please keep our service members in the U.S. Armed Forces in your thoughts and prayers, as they serve our nation and work to keep us safe. One way you can show you care is by saving your aluminum cans for our "Pennies for Patriots Program" and dropping them off on the west side of City in the Pennies for Patriots container or at Recycle City in the big Blue Dumpster, or at the two large Blue dumpsters outside The Mayor Tom Brown Senior Center. All the money raised goes to the USO at Lambert Field. It’s a home away from home to make their stay comfortable.

Please remember that as your alderman, my door is always open. Contact me with any concern you might have at 636-485-5710 or email me at [email protected]. I am proud to serve as your alderman and value your comments.

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Splash Around & Have Fun this Summer!

June 2023 UpFront Newsletter

Summer is here, and I bet your family is ready for some fun in the sun. The City of St. Peters’ Parks and Recreation team has plenty of ways for you to splash around and cool off as you and your kids or grandkids create summertime memories outdoors!

Have you ever tried out The Cove at St. Peters, or have you visited the updated Laurel Park Pool lately? Each has a pool, of course, but they also each have a splash pad for even more ways for young kids to enjoy the water this summer. The Cove has plenty of other fun features, including waterslides, dumping bucket, sports pool, and so much more that your family will enjoy. If you are a member of the St. Peters Rec-Plex, you get 50% off the purchase of a pool pass! Daily admission is also available. Learn more at

If you’re planning a trip out to our amazing 370 Lakeside Park for hiking, biking, fishing, boating, kayaking, or just enjoying a picnic, be sure to pack your kids’ bathing suits. The kids will love splashing around the sprayground near the marina! It’s open and free to the public.

One of our most popular playgrounds is located at Laurel Park. The kids will have plenty to do, between the swing sets and play features … and when the kids work up a sweat, you won’t have to go to the pool nearby to cool off. They can always cool off with the water misting station at the playground!

Maybe you’ve got a dog who loves the water. Have you checked out St. Peters Rotary Club Dog Park at 370 Lakeside Park? It comes with plenty of perks for your pooch, including access to a platform for doggies to go for a dive in the lake!

We have so many great quality-of-life amenities to enjoy in St. Peters. We are truly blessed!

And, as you enjoy yourself and your family this summer, please keep in mind the heroes of our Armed Services who continue to protect our freedoms year-round! Please save those aluminum cans for our "Pennies for Patriots Program" and drop them off at Recycle City in the Blue container under the American flag or at the west side of City Hall in the container provided, and at the Mayor Tom Brown Senior Center in the two Blue containers inside. All the money raised goes to the USO at Lambert Field for the guys and gals that serve us here and across the sea. It’s a home away from home to make their stay comfortable. God Bless America!

Please remember that as your alderman, my door is always open. Contact me with any concern you might have. I am proud to be your alderman and value your comments. My phone number is 636-485-5710. My e-mail address is [email protected].