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Here’s to a Great St. Peters Summer and Good Health!

June 2023 UpFront Newsletter

When I was younger I remember hearing some of my older family members saying something like “as long as you’ve got your health you’re fine.”  You’ve probably heard some of your parents or grandparents say the same thing.  Boy, is that true.  I’m feeling pretty good now, but just a few short weeks ago, I had to have my hip replaced.  I know that so many people have had this done and they’re doing fine, but when it’s happening to you, all kinds of worries cross your mind.  You’re also in a lot of pain.

I’m doing great now!  It’s not just because of the surgery. It’s the wonderful way my family and friends, neighbors and community members have all taken the time to call, send a card, support my family and just let us know they care.  It’s amazing and it’s humbling. Thank you so much for your caring and your support.  It means so much to me.

I’d like to thank those fantastic health care professionals and all the workers who helped me and my family when I was in the hospital, from the nurses and doctors to the aides and custodial staff; the highly-skilled (and patient!) physical therapists who I’ve worked with over the last few weeks, I will never forget your dedication and care.  What would we do without you! God bless all of you for your help and for choosing to be a part of these professions and helping people and your community!

I’m working on getting back to normal so that I can join my family, friends and neighbors enjoy a fantastic summer season in St. Peters! Our free Sunset Concert events are already underway and you can read more about them on the City’s beautiful new website at where you’ll find the concert schedule and more! Mark your calendar for our Sunset Saturday – “First to the Fourth” event June 24 at 370 Lakeside Park. After great concerts beginning at 4:30 p.m. from Fabulous Motown Revue and Superjam, we’ll have a beautiful fireworks display at dusk.

City pools at The Cove at St. Peters and Laurel Park are open and they’re a great way to cool off or just spend some family time and have fun.  Explore our more than 27 miles of trails and our 25 City parks!  Summer is a great time in St. Peters and I’m thankful that I’ll be able to spend time with my family and friends having a great time so close to home.  
I hope you all have a wonderful and healthy summer in St. Peters with your family, friends and neighbors!

Our National Motto: “In God We Trust”

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Family and Community Service

May 2023 UpFront Newsletter

I have been thinking lately about the great things in my life, and it’s always started with family. At our Board of Aldermen meeting on April 13, 2023, my wife, Joyce, and family members surprised me when they entered the room. They were there to celebrate my career serving the City of St. Peters. I am a lucky man. I have had such great support from my family during 40 years as an elected official. I was first elected Alderman in 1983. Then, in 2007, I was first elected Mayor. I have enjoyed every minute serving our residents. But, without the support of my family, there would be no way I could spend so much time as an elected official.

Once you decide to serve an organization, your family also has to provide a supporting role or you’ll never be successful. I salute all of the people who serve the public, because our community needs you all. But, I also salute all of the family members who support those public servants, because our community also needs you all.

Thank you to Ward 2 Alderman Judy Bateman for helping to organize the surprise celebration of my 40th anniversary serving the City of St. Peters. Judy also deserves recognition for 26 years serving as a St. Peters Alderman.

Thank you to outgoing Alderman Terri Violet for her 10-plus years of service to Ward 3 and the City of St. Peters. Terri chose not to run for office again. Welcome to Alderman Dave Kuppler, her replacement in Ward 3.

Thank you to our other elected officials for their years of public service: Ward 1 Alderman Rocky Reitmeyer, Ward 1 Alderman Joyce Townsend, Ward 2 Alderman Dr. Gregg Sartorius, Ward 3 Alderman Melissa Reimer, Ward 4 Alderman Patrick Barclay, and Ward 4 Alderman Nick Trupiano.

Together, the current Mayor and Board of Aldermen have combined for 130 years of service to City of St. Peters residents!  

I also give my condolences to the family of former Ward 4 Alderman Don Aytes, who passed away recently. Don served as an Alderman for a total of 30 years. He was known as the “King of Cardboard” because he was such a passionate supporter of recycling. We named the Recycle City Drop-off Center after Don when he retired from public service in 2019. We all miss Don, and we appreciate all he did for the City of St. Peters over three decades.

I think that the great continuity we’ve had on the Board of Aldermen over the years has helped us reach our vision to make St. Peters one of the Best Places to Live in the nation. Stability is a key to our continued success! I look forward every day to serving beside our Aldermen for the benefit of our residents. What I’ve enjoyed the most during 40 years of public service is knowing that we’ve worked together to create a community where families can build a great life together. I’m blessed to have one of those families!

Our National Motto: “In God We Trust”