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    Judy Bateman

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Citizen Committees

May 2023 UpFront Newsletter

On April 27, 2023, I had the privilege of being sworn in to four more years as Ward 2 Alderman. I am truly honored to continue to earn your trust and pledge to do my best to represent you and your families. I also want to bid a fond farewell to Alderman Terri Violet who served Ward 3 for the past 10-1/2 years. A hearty welcome to Alderman David Kuppler, our newest member to the Board of Aldermen. I know he’ll do a fantastic job. I’d like to also let you know of several of our committees that are looking for new members. If any of these opportunities interest you, please fill out an application. The Veterans Memorial Commission meets the first Monday of the month, Planning and Zoning the first Wednesday of the month, Senior Advisory Committee the third Thursday of the month, the Parks, Recreation and Arts Advisory Board the third Tuesday of every other month, the Historical Committee as needed, Cultural Arts on the third Tuesday every other month, and Sustainability the third Tuesday every other month. Please reach out if you need any information on any of the above committees.

Now that warm weather is here there’s lots of fun-in-the-sun activities that we have right here in our City. The Cove at St. Peters aquatic center and Laurel Park Pool can be great places to cool off in style. Our Sunset Concerts at 370 Lakeside Park are back and always offer a fun night. We are known for our many parks, including our newest Ollie’s Fun Forest at City Centre Park. Whatever your pleasure, there are many great things to enjoy, including our Rec-Plex for year-round fun.

As always, I am here to serve you and answer your concerns and listen to your suggestions. Have a fun filled summer!

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Ward 2 Street Schedule

Here are some upcoming street projects that will be occurring April through October in Ward 2 of St Peters. Please use caution when seeing workers on our roadways. If you see an issue on a street that is not mentioned in the list below please contact me or the Citizen Action Center to file a concern. Enjoy our spring season and take a trip to some of our beautiful parks & trails. As always, please contact me with any suggestions or concerns.

2023 Asphalt Streets and Curb Replacement List for Ward 2

  • Kathy Ct. in Brookmount Estates from Kimberly 1 to Kimberly 2
  • Ann Ct. in Brookmount from Ann Drive to the end of Ann Ct.
  • Ann Dr. in Brookmount from Willott Road to Kimberly
  • Lynn Dr. in Brookmount Estates from Marianne to Ann
  • Brookshire Dr. in Country Hill Farm from Edgemont Drive to end of Brookshire
  • Elmdale Ln. in Country Hill Farm from Brookshire to N. Hillview
  • Jane Ct. in Country Hill Manor from Jane Dr. to the end of Jane Ct.
  • Countryside Dr. in Country Hill South from Mid Rivers Mall Drive to the end of Countryside
  • Brickingham Dr. in St. Peters Hills from Chauser Dr. to Strafford Dr.

2023 Concrete Slab Replacement List for Ward 2

  • Briley St. in Bellemeade from Harding St. to the end of Briley
  • Cashmere Ln. in Bellemeade from end to end
  • Davidson Ct. in Bellemeade from Bellemeade Dr. to the end of Davidson Ct.
  • Giles Lane in Bellemeade from Briley to Nashville St.
  • Harding St. in Bellemeade from Martha St. to Bellemeade Dr.
  • Martha Street in Bellemeade from Dubray Dr. to Briley
  • Whispering Ridge Dr. in Hickory Ridge from West Windfall Ridge to Eagle View Ct.
  • Adonis Ct. in Pegasus Farms from Athena Way to the end of Adonis Ct.
  • Agamemnon Ct. in Pegasus Farms from Pegasus Trail to the end of Agamemnon Ct.
  • Apollo Ct. in Pegasus Farms from Pegasus Circle to the end of Apollo Ct.
  • Minus Dr. in Pegasus Farms from Athena Dr. to Pegasus Trail
  • Mount Olympus in Pegasus Farms from Pegasus Circle to Athens Dr.
  • Pegasus Circle in Pegasus Farms from Willott to Willott
  • Pegasus Trail in Pegasus Farms from Golden Gate Ln. to Pegasus Trail
  • Titan Ct. in Pegasus Farms from Pegasus Trail to the end of Titan Ct.
  • Venus Ct. in Pegasus Farms from Venus Dr. to the end of Venus Ct.
  • Zeus Ct. in Pegasus Farms from Athena way to the end of Zeus Ct.