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Kindness in All Things

June 2023 UpFront Newsletter

Do you consider yourself to be a good neighbor? To answer that question, you would need to explain what being a good neighbor means to you.  For many of us the definition comes down to just one word – kindness.  A good neighbor is a kind neighbor.  So are you a kind neighbor? Recently, the Board of Aldermen recognized two young men for their act of kindness.  Charley and James were caught in a rainstorm, and in the midst of seeking a place to get out of the rain they came upon a man who had fallen near City Hall.  The man was on the ground and bleeding from his head.  They came to his aid and called for emergency services.  The man is okay and Charley and James received some much deserved praise for their kindness.  

In another act of kindness, some neighbors noticed their elderly neighbor bought a new barbecue grill.  The elderly neighbor told them he would put the grill together some day when he had more energy. So his neighbors surprised him the next week when they presented him with his assembled new grill.  Yup, they went into his garage and pulled out his boxed up, unassembled and in-a million-parts grill and put it together.  They are good neighbors.

Previously, when I worked as a St. Peters Police Officer, I was called to many different homes to handle arguments and fights between neighbors.  When I arrived on scene, I found very little or no kindness at all. Kindness had been replaced with anger, frustration, tears, sadness, or outrage.  The challenge for each one of us is to focus on kindness in all things.  Even when our neighbors do not deserve it. At some point and time our neighbors will upset us, but we can choose the response.  It can be a kind response or unkind one. It is your choice.  Choose the kind and forgiving response.  It will encourage more kindness, it will improve your own happiness, it will make your neighborhood stronger and more resilient to crime, and it will lead to creating a much better place for you to live in.  In the week ahead look for one kind thing you can do for a neighbor and do it. Let’s see where that takes you.

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Hello There

May 2023 UpFront Newsletter

As St. Peters’ newest Alderman please let me take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Dave Kuppler, and I am the new Ward 3 Alderman. I was elected in April, and I am now in the position previously held by Terri Violet.   I have lived in St. Peters for 40 years.  I have also been fortunate to work for the City of St. Peters for 32 years in many different capacities. I started as a police officer and finished my career as the Group Manager over Health & Environmental Services with my retirement in 2019.  After retirement, my love for St. Peters and my desire to continue to serve led me to becoming an Alderman.  

I can tell you that working for the City has been a wonderful experience and I am so happy to be back.  Maybe you need a meaningful career or want to change jobs to something better.  If you are looking for part-time or full-time work where you can have fun, make a meaningful difference, and be paid well, then I encourage you to consider working with the City of St. Peters.  We just happen to be looking for individuals who want to serve others and have a positive impact on the lives of our residents.  

If I can be of service to you, just let me know. I work in conjunction with Alderman Melissa Reimer to serve the residents of Ward 3. I am relatively easy to reach and you can do that by email ([email protected]) or by phone (636-634-0096). In the meantime, I hope you have a fantastic summer, and I am glad you made St. Peters your hometown.