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People Ahead

June 2023 UpFront Newsletter

Do you love your family? Do you want them to come home safely at the end of the day?

Of course you do. Everyone does.

But sometimes we get so busy that we forget about the important things in life. When you’re behind the wheel, for example, and you need to get to work or that next important appointment, you can forget what’s most important. Instead of thinking about being around for your family, you’re pushing your speed or making sudden lane shifts. Getting there in one piece is much more important than getting there on time, but it can be easy to forget that in the heat of the moment.

Then, all of a sudden, you see the signs. There’s construction ahead!

Do you try to push it as quickly as you can through the work zone?

Driving safely is something we should think more about. But, that goes double for when we drive through a construction zone. The people who work on our roads or along our roads are vulnerable. They are putting their lives at risk as they work to improve our roads and the utilities along our roads.

The families of these workers also want them to come home safely. They must count on all of us to drive safely so that we can help make that happen.

Here is what I ask: Anytime we see a sign that signals that there’s Road Work Ahead, let’s think about how there are People Ahead. These include the people along the road who are defenseless and need our help. And, it includes the people waiting for us at home or work or church or anywhere we are loved. Pause for a moment. Pump the brake a little. Be mindful that you and others are at risk if you rush through the work zone.

Please have a fun—and safe—summer!

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Get GOLD GROW for Your Garden!

May 2023 UpFront Newsletter

As the old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers!” I hope that your garden is in full bloom.  I know that ours is, and we have filled our Brown Cart several times already with leaves and yard waste from the fall and winter months. St. Peters’ Earth Centre Offers the Gold Standard in Biosolids Compost! St. Peters GOLD GROW is the nutrient-rich compost that you can find at St. Peters Earth Centre … for a great price, and with a Resident Privilege Card, at a discounted rate! Why is GOLD GROW so great? GOLD GROW delivers nutrient-rich plant food that lasts longer than artificial fertilizers. It’s why the product is so popular with experts like lawn care specialists and vineyards … and why it’s going to be great for your patch of Earth! St. Peters’ GOLD GROW products are processed from naturally occurring biosolids and yard waste. This certified Class A product is constantly tested for safety. And, as a natural soil amendment, it can aid the growth of plants long into the growing season!

I want to remind residents that the St. Peters Earth Centre at 115 Ecology Drive processes brush, leaves, grass clippings and other organic material into mulch and GOLD GROW compost.  St. Peters residents, with a Resident Privilege Card, can drop off up to 10 cubic yards per year at no charge.  You can also use your Brown Cart to dispose of yard waste.  Remember, if it didn’t grow in your yard, don’t put it in the cart!

To sign-up to participate in the City’s recycling programs and receive blue recycle bags, you can call 636-970-1456 or go to It’s a FREE service provided by the City. You can also download the free app on your phone “STP Collects” so that you never miss another trash day pick-up. Let’s all work together to put our landfills on a diet!

Speaking of diets, I would encourage those that are able to support the “Meals on Wheels” program for our senior citizens.  You can do this easily by rounding up on your utility bill, or by donating directly by going to the City’s website at

I am always “at your service” to ensure that you enjoy a safe and rewarding experience while living and doing business in St. Peters.  If you have a concern you can always report it online to the Citizens Action Center (CAC) at the City’s website, or call 636-477-6600, ext. 1225. I appreciate your support as we move forward through 2023.