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Small Steps for a Better Earth

January 2024 UpFront Newsletter

Hopefully your holiday season was filled with family, fun, delicious foods, sharing and caring for those less fortunate and plenty of reasons to be grateful!

Let's start 2024 by thinking of small steps we can take to make the New Year a little more sustainable by doing a little more to take care of the Earth! And you might be surprised by how much of our daily lives are touched by sustainability.

1)    Recycle Responsibly- know what can be recycled, where and how. Get the STP Collect App to see what goes where and even when!

2)    Refuse - Reduce - Reuse - say no to single use plastics, buy items with less packing, donate items you no longer need and use reusable bags.

3)    Go Paperless - Did you know you could sign up to receiver paperless utility bills using St. Peters Bill Pay? And there are many other places you can opt to have electronic statements or receipts.

4)    Compost - leaves, branches, grass, fruits, and vegetables you grow in your yard can all go in your Brown Cart.

5)    Don't Bag It - grass clippings and leaves make great mulch and compost and it's easy to do.

6)    Don't Waste Food - most people don't have access to a commercial facility that would allow for disposal of all food waste so be mindful when buying or eating out (take your own reusable container for leftovers)

7)    Grow your own food (and some food for pollinators). There are two community gardens in St. Peters and lots of food and flowers you can grow in small yards.

8)    Adopt a road, storm drain or stream to protect our water.

9)    Be conscious of chemical use and fertilizers that can run off into waterways and cause harm to wildlife and us.

And some that may surprise you!

10)    Shop Local and Shop Responsibly - buy only what you need and support small local businesses, especially those who promote healthy, sustainable products.

11)    Be resilient - taking a few steps to get ready and resilient in the event of any emergency- know your local risks and resources. Last issue I talked about STP Notices so that might be your first step.

12)    Have a say- let your local officials know what's important to you. Some people think their voice doesn't matter, but it does make a difference so let us know what matters to you!

13)    Volunteer for a local effort - there's plenty of volunteer opportunities in St. Peters and sustainability is about helping to take care of your community.

I'm part of the St. Peters Sustainability Focus Group meets with the Parks, Arts, and Recreation Board on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 6pm. Contact me if you want to make your voice heard or are interested in joining us. Phone: 314-420-0808 E-mail: [email protected]

Have a safe, healthy and sustainable 2024.

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Take This Step to Get STP NOTICES!

October 2023 UpFront Newsletter

Have you ever had a bad dream where you forgot to do something really important? Maybe it was an assignment for school or work. I think we can all relate to a moment in your life where something you never thought you’d forget actually slipped your mind. It’s a real fear!

Well, try to be kind to yourself. It’s a busy world. It’s not easy to keep up with your life in the best of times, but especially if things change.

Here at the City of St. Peters, we’re constantly working on ways to keep you in the know about your City services. That’s why we’re starting a new service soon that we call STP NOTICES. This service will notify residents with voice messages when there’s a City of St. Peters service or project that could affect your home.

This voice message could be sent when there’s a water main repair, a road project on your street … or, yes, if you have that nightmare scenario facing a water service shutoff for not paying your bill.

Our staff currently sends courtesy notices through the mail if you get behind on your bill as well as a mailed notice before your water would be turned off for non-payment. One of the goals of STP NOTICES is to provide a courtesy call to alert you of an overdue payment and another courtesy call if you face a potential shutoff for non-payment. You would get these voice messages instead of mailings that may be lost in the shuffle of your busy life.

BUT KEEP IN MIND: You will only get STP NOTICES about service issues if we have your current phone number!

Please take a moment and make sure you update your phone number with us to get STP NOTICES: Go to to fill out a form to update your contact information.

You can also call 636-477-6600, ext. 1217, or email your phone number to [email protected], or update your BillPay account at

I hope you are enjoying the fall season and plan to take advantage of our Halloween events like our Police Department’s Trunk or Treat. Also, please mark Nov. 11 on your calendar and join us for a Veterans Day Ceremony at City Hall to honor our brave men and women in the Armed Services. An easy way to keep up with all of our City news, programs and events is to download our StPetersMO mobile app at You could check the app’s events Calendar anytime to see what’s coming up. You also can sign up through the app to get news and event notifications sent straight to your phone … it’s another great way you can stay connected with My Hometown, St. Peters!