Laurel Park

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Location: 3101 McClay Valley Boulevard, St. Peters, MO 63376 (map)

Laurel Park offers something for everyone! Amenities located throughout the park's 40 acres include 

  • a large playground
  • two ball diamonds
  • two soccer/football fields
  • two sand volleyball courts
  • a basketball court
  • four horseshoe pits
  • two picnic pavilions
  • a multipurpose trail system around the perimeter of the park
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • two lakes
  • a roller hockey court
  • a 9-hole disc golf course (please see below)

Laurel Park Pavilions

Laurel Park Pavilion NPavilion N

Maximum 200 Attendees

Laurel Park Pavilion N is a large pavilion with 19 picnic tables, electricity, lights, water and 2 BBQ grills. Reservations begin March 1st each year and pavilions may be reserved April 1st through October 31st of the current year.

Rent this pavilion online at Rec-Connect

Laurel Park Pavilion OPavilion O

Maximum Attendees: 100

Laurel Park Pavilion O is a medium pavilion with 10 picnic tables, electricity, lights, water, and 1 BBQ grill. Limited electricity available. Restrooms are located in the center of the park next to the gazebo. Reservations begin March 1st each year and pavilions may be reserved April through October of the current year.

Rent this pavilion online at Rec-Connect

Laurel Park Disc Golf Map 2022

Tee 1 at Laurel Park Disc Golf CourseLaurel Park Disc Golf Course

Laurel Park Disc Golf Course Map (PDF)

Are you up for some fun, friendly competition in a beautiful park setting? Try a round of disc golf at Laurel Park! This recreational 9-hole course is the perfect place for beginners to try this fun sport and for families to enjoy a fun outdoor activity together!

Laurel Park Disc Golf Course Rules

  • The course is open for use only during normal park hours (sunrise to sunset).
  • Beware of walkers, runners, and other park users when throwing near paths, playgrounds, or other public areas. Non-players and vehicles always have the right-of-way.
  • Yell "Fore" immediately if a throw may hit others.
  • Glass bottles are not allowed in Laurel Park or on the course.
  • Altering or breaking trees, shrubs, or other vegetation is not allowed.
  • Keep pets on a leash at all times.
  • Do not wander onto private property or climb fences to retrieve discs without the private property owners' specific permission.
  • Never throw while another group is on the hole.
  • Be courteous and allow fast groups to play through.
  • Do not leave trash on the course.

Recreational Rules for Disc Golf

  • Tee Throws: Tee throws must be completed within or behind the designated tee area. Do not throw until the players in front of you are out of range.
  • Lie: The spot where the previous throw has landed. Mark with a mini disc or turn over the thrown disc, directly towards the hole or dog leg.
  • Throwing Order: After teeing off, the player whose disc is farthest from the hole always throws first. The player with the least amount of throws on the previous hole is the first to tee off on the next hole.
  • Fairway Throws: Fairway throws must be made with the foot closest to the hole on the lie. The other foot may be no closer to the hole than the lie. A run-up and normal follow-through, after release, is allowed.
  • Doglegs: A dogleg is one or more designated trees or poles in the fairway that must be passed as indicated by arrows. Until the dogleg is passed the closest foot to the dogleg must be on the lie when the disc is released.
  • Completion of Hole: A disc that comes to rest in the basket or chains constitutes successful completion of that hole.
  • Unplayable Lie: Any disc that comes to rest above the ground is considered an unplayable lie. The disc must be thrown from the lie on the ground, directly underneath the unplayable lie.
  • Out-of-Bounds: A throw that lands out-of-bounds must be played from a point 3 feet in-bounds from where the disc went out of bounds. Permanent water hazards and public roads are always out-of-bounds.

Course Images

Laurel Park Map