City Administrator Bill Malach profile photo

City Administrator, Bill Malach

The City Administrator is responsible for the administration and management of the City’s professional staff, providing leadership, coordination and development of City departments.

The City Administrator directs the daily operations of City government, oversees personnel functions, and is responsible for the preparation of the annual budget.

Bill Malach has served as City Administrator since Jan. 20, 2023, and has worked for the City of St. Peters since December 1998. He first served St. Peters in a Public Works Engineer role. He was promoted to Public Works Manager in October 2000 and was named Director of Utilities for water and wastewater services a year later. In May 2011, Malach was promoted to Group Manager for Water Environment Services (WES). His responsibilities at WES included water and wastewater services, storm water infrastructure management, and organic resource recycling at Earth Centre. In 2019, solid waste collection, recycling, and fleet management operations were added to his responsibilities as Water & Environmental Services (WES) Manager. The Mayor and Board of Aldermen chose Malach to replace Russ Batzel as City Administrator after Batzel's retirement. In February 2022, Malach transitioned to Assistant to the City Administrator and prepared to take over the City Administrator position.  


City Clerk, Patty Smith

The Office of the City Clerk provides administrative and legislative support to the City including maintenance of City records, producing Board of Aldermen meeting minutes, updates to the City of St. Peters Municipal Code, and posting legal notices. The Office of the City Clerk helps citizens access public records and other information.

The City Clerk is appointed by the Board of Alderman and acts as a link in the legislative process among the Board of Aldermen, citizens and staff. She prepares and distributes the Board of Aldermen meeting packets and agendas, follows up on legislative actions and provides administrative assistance to the Board of Aldermen.

Patty Smith was sworn in as City Clerk on May 9, 2011.