Water Backflow Prevention Program

The City of St. Peters is committed to public health, safety, and environmental compliance. As a water service provider, the City is required by federal and state law to protect the public water supply by implementing and administering a Cross Connection Control (Backflow Prevention) Program

The backflow prevention program requires all connections to the public water supply to be equipped with an approved device to prevent water from reentering the public water main. This device must be inspected annually by a backflow prevention tester certified by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. As the regulating agency, the City of St. Peters is required to maintain a record of these devices and their operating condition.

June 1 Report Deadline & Late Policy

  • An annual inspection report for each backflow prevention device is due to the City of St. Peters by June 1 on an annual basis.
  • A late fee of $30 per device will be charged to the customer's water bill for any backflow test report(s) not received by June 1 annually.
  • Any backflow reports not received within 60 days of the June 1 annual inspection date shall be disconnected from the public water system until satisfactory report(s) are received and all applicable fees are paid.
  • An approved backflow prevention device shall be installed on the domestic water supply for all retail, commercial and industrial facilities.
  • In the event your backflow prevention assembly fails, the certified report(s) must be submitted to the City of St. Peters immediately. The failed device must then be repaired or replaced and an updated test report submitted to this office within 10 business days. This replacement device must meet current City of St. Peters code and ordinance requirements. A permit and inspection are required for any new or replacement devices.

Program Administrative Fee

St. Peters water customers with a backflow prevention device are billed an administrative fee of $2 per billing cycle ($12/year) per backflow prevention device.

Records Maintenance:

St. Peters ordinance requires you to maintain records of your backflow prevention device from purchase to retirement. If a device is removed from service, proof of proper disconnection and cap off shall be provided to the City of St. Peters.

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