300-Gallon Trash Container

Throwing a block party that’s going to generate a lot of trash? Cleaning out those closets? Do you have too much trash for your trash cart, but not enough for a roll-off container? Consider renting a 300-gallon container from St. Peters’ Solid Waste Services.

These containers are made of the same material as your roll-out cart, but are stationary and have three times the capacity. Call 636-970-1456 to schedule service.

300-Gallon Container Fee:

  • $30 each time it is emptied.
  • Additional $2/day after 10 days of no activity.

Types of items that MAY be put in a 300-gallon container:

  • Clothes
  • Trash bags
  • Household items


  • NO remodeling material (rent a roll-off container)*
  • NO construction debris*
  • NO furniture / bulky items*

*Disposal options for these items may be available through our bulky items disposal collection services or roll-off containers.

Please note: Overloading a 300-gallon container may result in a $50 special bulky pickup.

300-gallon container specifications: 48-inch diameter, 48-inch height, no lid, no wheels

Questions? Call 636-970-1456.