Sewer Lateral Repair Program

Sewer Lateral Repair using backhoe

Wastewater leaves your home and enters a "sewer lateral" that carries the waste to a sewer main. If there is a blockage in either the sewer lateral or sewer main, the wastewater in your home will back up. You, the homeowner, are responsible for maintaining your sewer lateral line. The City of St. Peters is responsible for maintaining our sewer mains. (St. Peters residents should call the City of St. Peters any time you have a sewer backup.)

The City of St. Peters has a Sewer Lateral Repair Program in place to help St. Peters residents offset the cost of sewer lateral repairs.

Eligible repairs:

Repairs to private sewer laterals from the exterior building foundation wall to the public sewer main

Required street, sidewalk, or driveway pavement replacement

Seed and straw for yard repair

Permits and administrative costs

Ineligible repairs:

Repair, relocation or damage to structures, retaining walls, swimming pools, sprinkler systems, electronic dog fences, and landscaping

Damage caused by sewer lateral backup

Damage caused by contractor’s performance

Repairs or videos performed prior to applying into the program

Real estate transactions:

The Residential Sewer Lateral Repair Program is intended to assist homeowners who have experienced a backup with moderate or severe defects and limited sanitary sewer service. The program is not intended to satisfy a home sale contingency, therefore, any homes being advertised or in the process of being sold, with defects that meet program criteria, will be eligible to apply to the Residential Sewer Lateral Repair Program after the closing and actual transfer of property ownership from one party to the other.

  1. Sewer Lateral & Water Service Line Repair Programs

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