Classical Fencing

Fencing Camp participant stands readyBasic Classical Fencing

In Basic Classical Fencing, we will explore the modern, practical applications of this ancient sport. Students will learn the basics of classical foil: the stance, the movement, parries, attacks and general rules. We cultivate critical thinking in a high-stress environment, a drive for self-improvement, respect (of both self and others) and discipline. All equipment is provided.

Intermediate Classical Fencing

So, you've had the basics - now it's time to apply them! In this class you will learn in-depth moves, feedback and content about fencing. The distinction between Beginning Fencing and Intermediate fencing - you will be doing a lot of fencing! Each class will be split in half with the first half dedicated towards learning techniques and facts about this fascinating art as well as review. The second half of class we will be fencing! You will have the opportunity to apply all that you have learned in a fun and engaging way! All equipment is provided.

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