Specialty Fitness Classes

View from indoor track looking down on gymnasium with people working outThe Rec-Plex offers a variety of Specialty Fitness Classes for those interested in taking their fitness goals to the next level! Rec-Plex Members receive 30% off of these classes.

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  • NEW! Beginner Kettlebell
  • Fitness Equipment 101
  • 50+ Classes
  • Circuit Training
  • SuperSet Saturdays
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Tai Chi
  • Stretch & Flow
  • Yoga

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  1. 50+ Classes

Fitness class participants practicing balance

NEW! Sit Fit

This 30-minute class is perfect for those who have balance challenges, injuries, or joint pain that prevents you from participating in activities. You'll improve your strength, stamina and flexibility whether in a chair or standing.

50+ Balance Mobility & Resistance Bands

This class is about functional movements and exercises that help you perform activities in your everyday life. Functional movements will target multiple muscle groups that will work together to improve overall mobility, strength, balance and coordination. For example, incorporating hip and knee exercises that translates to you getting up and out of a chair easier. This class will use light free weights, and your own body weight to strengthen your entire body to enhance your everyday life.

50+ Strength Training

Do you enjoy working out using machines? Do you have goals that you want to achieve in the gym? Looking for a structured program while working out in the weight room and cardio room? This class is led by a personal trainer who will have a structured program gear for a full body workout. You’ll work every muscle group while rotating around the weight machines. You will utilize both the weight room and cardio room to increase your strength, and cardiovascular fitness. The Fitness equipment 101 class is a good prerequisite to this class.

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