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The Rec-Plex has nationally certified personal trainers who know how to build a healthier, better version of you! Our trainers will get you the best results out of your workout by creating a program designed from your goals. Whether it's to gain energy, increase endurance and strength, lose weight or sculpt your body, or just feel better about yourself, we can get you there! Did you suffer an injury? Our certified personal trainers can help you recover. You can get help no matter your age or your current condition.

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Initial Consultation

Two-Hour Session - $95 Member / $119 Public

Not sure where to start? We can help! The initial consultation is a two-hour session with a personal trainer to consult your fitness and wellness needs. We will gather your information, including your health background, injuries, and your goals to create an effective, personalized plan. Your trainer will do a fitness assessment for baseline information and tracking progress.

Jumpstart Package

$150 Member / $188 Public

Let's get a jumpstart on your fitness goals! The Jumpstart Package is three sessions for new clients in the personal training program. The first session will be a fitness assessment to gather information on health background, injuries and fitness goals. The remaining two sessions will include a basic nutrition guide and implementation of an exercise program designed for you. This special is only available once to a new client.

Nutrition Jumpstart Package

$150 Member / $188 Public

Nutrition is all about balance when achieving your goals. Whether you want to burn fat or gain muscle, your nutrition is the key factor to your success! Learn how to properly set up your macros with certified nutritionist Aaron Slater, so you can create a nutrition plan based on your size, fitness level and goals.

Personal Training Packages

  • One-Hour Session - $62 Member / $78 Public
  • Five-Pack Session - $275 Member / $344 Public
  • 10-Pack Session - $490 Member / $613 Public
  • 20-Pack Session - $880 Member / $1,100 Public

Meet our Personal Trainers

Vicky Buster

Vicky is a NASM-certified trainer, former figure competitor, pug mom and bona fide fitness fanatic. She's been a Strength & Conditioning coach to college-bound athletes, their parents, grandparents, and even Senior Olympians! She's also a Corrective Exercise and Youth Fitness Specialist. Vicky is an AFAA-certified Group Fitness Trainer, too!

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