Gold Grow Compost

St. Peters Gold Grow - The Gold Standard in Biosolids Compost

You can find GOLD GROW products and double-ground mulch at St. Peters Earth Centre, 115 Ecology Dr., off Mid Rivers Mall Drive north of I-70. Visit the Earth Centre web page for product availability and pricing.

St. Peters' Earth Centre Offers the Gold Standard in Biosolids Compost!

St. Peters GOLD GROW is the award-winning, nutrient-rich compost that you can find at St. Peters Earth Centre for a great price! Why is GOLD GROW so great? GOLD GROW delivers nutrient-rich plant food that lasts longer than artificial fertilizers. It's why the product is so popular with experts like lawn care specialists and vineyards and why it's going to be great for your patch of Earth!

St. Peters' GOLD GROW products are processed from naturally occurring biosolids and yard waste. This certified Class A product is constantly tested for safety. And, as a natural soil amendment, it can aid the growth of plants long into the growing season. (Chemically enhanced fertilizers are more likely to run off into streams and ponds - learn how to reduce pond scum). You can use GOLD GROW to improve your lawn, your garden and your community!

GOLD GROW Line of Products

GOLD GROW Biosolids Compost - Winner of two 2022 MML Innovation Awards from the Missouri Municipal League, including Members' Choice!

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  • GOLD GROW BioSprout: Feed your soil the best and watch it grow! Great for your garden, plants, or anything that you need to sprout this season. Bring your 5-gallon buckets to Earth Centre, or we can load up your pickup truck or trailer.
  • GOLD GROW BioTurf: This is turf "top dressing" that will give your lawn the nutrient boost it needs all year long - rake it into the grass and cut your costs on water and chemicals! Hiring a professional? Ask your lawn care specialist to apply GOLD GROW BioTurf from Earth Centre.
  • GOLD GROW BioSlope: Erosion control at its finest BioSlope locks in the nutrients so that you can quickly grow ground cover for an easy and lush finish to your project!
Gold Grow Compost Pile
St. Peters Gold Grow The Gold Standard in Biosolids Compost
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St. Peters residents, do you want to help make a better GOLD GROW product? Join the brown cart brigade by placing yard waste only in your Brown Cart. Remember:

If it didn't grow in your yard, it doesn't belong in your Brown Cart! Never place trash in your Brown Cart. It reduces the quality of GOLD GROW compost.