St. Peters Rotary Club Dog Park

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The St. Peters Rotary Club Dog Park is a fenced-in, membership-only off-leash dog park located on the north end of 370 Lakeside Park. The park is split up into a Small Dog Park (for dogs 24 pounds and under) and a Large dog park (25 pounds and over). The park is open every day from sunrise to sunset with 24-hour security.

Park Amenities & Membership Benefits

  • Agility equipment (7 stations in large dog area, 4 in small dog area)
  • Two member-only events each year around Easter and Halloween
  • Key code gate access for both areas
  • Water hydrants operate all year-round
  • Covered pavilion with picnic tables
  • Every dog member receives a tag for their collar and a photo membership card after approval of their application
  • Platform for lake access complete with walkways and steps for ease of access in and out of the lake

Membership Information

Dog owners may fill out the membership application (PDF) and return it with payment in person to the 370 Lakeside Park Check-In Station. Annual membership fees are assessed.

To obtain a membership, the dog's owner must present:

  • A valid St. Peters Resident Privilege Card to receive the resident rate.
  • Documentation/records of dog being spayed/neutered.
  • Record of current Rabies shot and registration.

All membership applications will take up to seven days to be processed before membership may be issued. All veterinary records are subject to verification by the City. Animal Control records in St. Peters and St. Charles County will be checked to verify that the dog applying for membership has not been designated aggressive, uncontrollable, or unsuitable for the off-leash area.

Membership Fees

  • St. Peters Residents: $40 annual membership fee for first dog, $20 each additional dog, maximum of three dogs per address.
  • Senior St. Peters Residents: $40 annual membership fee (includes up to two dogs), extra $20 for a third dog.
  • Non-residents: $70 annual membership fee for first dog, $35 for each additional dog, maximum of three dogs per address.

Membership fees are nominal and are necessary to cover annual administrative costs. Administrative costs include activities such as verifying veterinary records, investigating Animal Control reports, issuing membership tags, maintaining and updating databases, and responding to inquiries about the dog park. All members are encouraged to keep fees low by taking pride in the dog park and being good stewards of the area.

Note: Memberships are for a calendar year. Any membership purchased before July 1 of any calendar year remains at full price. Any membership purchased on or after July 1 of any calendar year is discounted by 50%. There are no additional discounts beyond 50%, regardless of the date purchased. All memberships expire on December 31 of the calendar year they were purchased and must be renewed for continued use of the park in the next calendar year. There are no refunds.