Bulky Item Pick-Up Requests

Bulky Item Pick-up Request Form

The form below can be used to schedule:

  • Curbside bulky trash service during your subdivision's free bulky collection dates; or,
  • Off-schedule bulky trash service (for a minimum $50 fee) when you don't want to wait for your subdivision's free bulky collection date.

Before you submit this request:

  • Be sure to register two business days in advance. (For example, schedule Bulky service by Friday if you have Tuesday service, or by Monday if you have Wednesday service. If there's a holiday, you may need to schedule earlier than normal.) Enter your address below to find your upcoming Bulky Item collection dates.
  • Avoid a $50 fee and a headache: If you set out Bulky trash without scheduling service at least two business days in advance, it will not be picked up on your subdivision service date. You then have two options:
    1. You can have the Bulky items picked up for a minimum fee of $50; or 
    2. You can bring your Bulky trash back from the curb and schedule pickup for your next service date. You also could bring the trash to Recycle City for a disposal fee.
  • Be careful not to put too much Bulky trash at the curb. You'll be charged a minimum of $50 if you set out an excessive amount of trash for bulky pickup. The maximum amount that can be set out for free bulky collection service is 3 cubic yards-approximately the amount that can fill the bed of a pick-up truck.
  • Be sure that you're scheduling Bulky items that are too large to fit in your trash cart. Learn more about what items can be placed out for bulky service. Items that can fit inside a trash cart will not be picked up on Bulky trash collection day.
  • Do not schedule freon-based appliances for Bulky Collection: Appliances containing Freon such as A/C units, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, and freezers must be scheduled as a Major Appliance Pickup. They will not be picked up on Bulky trash collection day. Learn how you can schedule a Major Appliance Pickup.
  • Learn how to prepare your bulky trash for collection.
  • Enter your address below to find your upcoming Bulky Item collection dates.
  • Don't see your next Bulky collection date? That's because it's more than two months away. Click on "Get a Calendar" and then "Print a Calendar" to see your address's entire year of collection dates.

Bulky Trash Pickup Request

    • Scheduled: During your subdivision's free collection date (you must register at least two business days in advance of your service date; up to 3 cubic yards allowed for free service)
    • Off-Schedule: Not during your subdivision's scheduled collection date ($50 fee charged for every 3 cubic yards)
  1. This Pick-up Is*
  2. Items to Be Picked up (Not to Exceed 3 Cubic Yards Total in Order to Remain Free)*
  3. Your Bulky trash collection should contain no more than 3 cubic yards total. This includes the amount for trash and/or yard waste combined. Your entire bulky collection should be no larger than what you could (approximately) fit in the bed of a pickup truck.

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