Property Maintenance Program

As homes age, routine maintenance plays a vital role in maintaining the structure and property values. The minimum property maintenance code is designed to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents of the City of St. Peters. Every year the City of St. Peters Building Department conducts exterior inspections of all the properties in the City. Learn more about our proactive approach to property maintenance code compliance (PDF).

The following checklist will help guide you through an inspection of your property. Repairing the violations you have detected will help maintain a clean, safe and desirable living environment.


  1. Accumulation of litter, garbage, or waste

Grading / Drainage

  1. Areas of erosion
  2. Low areas allow the accumulation of stagnant water
  3. Discharging stormwater directly on public sidewalks, streets, or neighboring property

Sidewalks / Driveways

  1. Broken areas
  2. Uneven slabs create a possible trip hazard


  1. Weeds or tall grass growth greater than seven inches in height

Accessory Structures

(fences, detached garages, sheds, retaining walls)

  1. Structurally sound
  2. Peeling or flaking paint
  3. Rusting surfaces
  4. Missing or unsecured components

Street Numbers

  1. Visible from the street and at least four inches in height

Exterior - General

  1. Peeling, flaking paint
  2. Exterior finishes with holes/breaks
  3. Deterioration
  4. Missing or unsecured components

Foundation Walls

  1. Cracks / breaks
  2. Tuckpointing

Windows & Doors

  1. Peeling and flaking paint.
  2. Trim with deterioration
  3. Glass with cracks and break
  4. Missing or damaged screens


  1. Loose shingles
  2. Worn, missing, or unsecured roofing materials
  3. Flashing
  4. Fascia and soffits


  1. Gutters and downspouts with disconnected, unsecured, and missing sections
  2. Guttering with an accumulation of leaves


  1. Tuckpointing
  2. Plumb

Porches / Decks

  1. Handrails and guardrails
  2. Stairways
  3. Flooring
  4. Structural members

Remember: Some repairs require building permits, such as structural repairs or renovation of existing space involving plumbing, electrical, or mechanical installations. For information on permits for home repairs, please contact the Building Department at 636-278-2244, ext. 1670.