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The maps and other digital, graphic, or tabular information provided by the City of St. Peters were compiled from surveys, recorded deeds, plats, planimetric maps, and other public domain records. While every effort has been made to preserve the integrity of the data, the accuracy varies and should not be relied upon for anything other than reference.

As stated in the City Code, City is not liable for the dissemination of such information or for any costs, claims (whether meritorious or not), damages, injuries or expenses for any inaccuracies in or omissions from such information provided pursuant to the City Code.

In addition, City makes no warranties and/or representations with respect to such information and further expressly disclaims any and all warranties and/or representations regarding the present and continued, usability, accuracy, completeness, validity, appropriateness, compatibility, suitability, format, composition, content, inclusiveness, scope detail, reliability, transferability, and "computer-virus-free" condition, of such information and the medium on which such information is provided.

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