Zoning Information & Applications

Accept our Standard Map Disclaimer and view the map to check the zoning of a parcel of ground by address. The link will first take you to a disclaimer page. Select "I Accept" to be forwarded to the interactive web page that will allow you to look up information.

To check information or zoning of a parcel of land, go to the Maps page.

Please note the following quick tips for using the interactive web map:

  • Additional layers of information will automatically turn on as you zoom in/out from the map using the plus and minus sign.
  • To search by address select "address" on the upper left side of the screen within the blue ribbon.
  • Enter the address and full street name in capital letters and click "find." On the left side of the screen the name of the street will appear in the "results box."
  • Click on the address to open the parcel's information.
  • A right click zooms to the parcel.
  • To get more information on a specific parcel from the map without an address, select the "i" symbol in the upper right had side of the screen within the blue ribbon and then click on the subject parcel.
  • Select the drop down arrow to expand the information box
  • If you hover to the left of the drop down arrow another drop down arrow will appear. This allows different information to be shown. For most purposes the default "parcel" information will be the most useful.