Subdivision Trustee List

This information has been compiled from various resources. Any assistance in providing additional information or corrections would be greatly appreciated. Please contact the City's Citizen Action Center at ext. 1225 at either 636-278-2244 or 636-477-6600 with any additions, deletions, or corrections.

A list of all subdivisions in St. Peters, including trustee contact information, is contained on this list. In cases where a subdivision does not have a subdivision association, no trustee information is listed.

Some subdivisions have provided by-laws or indentures. You can access these by clicking on the subdivision name highlighted in green.

SubdivisionWardNameTelephoneOther Information
Amhurst2N/ANo AssociationN/A
Applewood / Orchard Hills3N/AN/ASubdivision Bylaws (PDF)
Applewood / Orchard Hills3Marcus Wayland636-323-9069Email Marcus Wayland
Applewood / Orchard Hills3Jeff Violet314-308-0497Email Jeff Violet
Applewood / Orchard Hills3Neal Coval314-808-3112Email Neal Coval
Applewood / Orchard Hills3Justin Wedel314-748-1517Email Justin Wedel
Applewood / Orchard Hills3Kim Lowell314-749-1615Email Kim Lowell
Ashleigh Estates4Kevin Livesay N/AN/A
Ashleigh Estates4Russell Reed N/AN/A
Ashleigh Estates4Brad WinnerN/AN/A
Aspen Ridge2Michael Bass636-237-3259Email Michael Bass
Aspen Ridge2Mike HillN/AN/A
Beardsley3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Bella Vista4Community Property Management636-227-8688Email Linn at Community Property Management
Email Ruth at Community Property Management
Bella Vista4Denny Corr636-706-2022Email Denny
Bella Vista4Richard Ingram314-288-6232Email Richard
Belleau Creek Estates1N/ANo AssociationN/A
Bellemeade2Management-CMA314-878-0025Email Jessie at Management - CMA
Bellemeade2Bob LafioreN/AEmail Bob Lafiore
Bellemeade2Dayonne ReedN/AN/A
Bellemeade2Mike BakerN/AN/A
Bellemeade2Jessie RicoN/AN/A
Boones Trace4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Braewood1Pat LarsonN/AEmail Pat Larson
Braewood1Dave CouchN/AEmail Dave Couch
Braewood1Sherry BassN/AN/A
Braewood 1Richard Rowe314-625-6484Email Richard Rowe
Briarwick4Kari McCann314-495-1313Email Kari McCann
Briarwick4Colleen Clay636-448-4812Email Colleen Clay
Briarwick4David Favazza314-223-8564Email David Favazza
Brookdale1N/ANo AssociationN/A
Brookmount Estates2N/ANo AssociationN/A
Brookmount Woods2N/ANo AssociationN/A
Brookwood Estates1N/AN/AVisit the Brookwood Estates website
Brookwood Estates1Gary Jefferis
Email the Brookwood Estates
Brookwood Estates1Leah Petras
Email the Brookwood Estates
Brookwood Estates1Tom Dell
Email Brookwood Estates
N/AN/AN/AN/ABrookwood Estates Indentures 1990 (PDF)
Brookwood Estates Indentures Amendment 2003 (PDF)
Brookwood Estates Indentures Amendment 2017 (PDF)
Bruns Place2N/ANo AssociationN/A
Candlewick Estates1Joyce Townsend636-357-2789Email Joyce Townsend
Candlewick Estates1Lainie GaultN/AEmail Lainie Gault
Candlewick Estates1Mary Ellen MichaelsN/AEmail Mary Ellen Michaels
Canyon Creek4Otto Matz314-910-9703Email Otto Matz
Canyon Creek 4Bud CoolN/AEmail Bud Cool
Canyon Creek4Jim DeckerN/AEmail Jim Decker
Cap-Au-Gris3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Cardinal Commons1N/ANo AssociationN/A
Cardinal Villas1Ralph VanGennip314-308-6476Email Ralph VanGennip
Cardinal Villas1Donna Belt636-577-7710Email Donna Belt
Cardinal Villas 1Denise Farnsworth314-607-2214Email Denise Farnsworth
Carrington Estates1Kira Collins636-219-9961Email Kira Collins
Carrington Estates3Craig Bandy636-734-4870Email Craig Brandy
Carrington Estates3Carol Brown636-578-5110Email Carol Brown
Carrington Place3Peggy Hobbs314-496-3252Email Carrington Place
Carrington Place3Terry Lesinski314-974-3919Email Carrington Place
Carrington Place3Charles McBride636-288-9682Email Carrington Place
Cave Springs Estates3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Cedar Ridge3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Cedar Ridge II3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Chapel Hill Estates1Tom Vogelgesang636-397-4451Email Tom Vogelgesang
Chapel Hill Estates1Mike Johns314-973-4307Email Mike Johns
Chapel Hill Estates1MaryAnn Loughran314-660-9370Email MaryAnn Loughran
Chapel Hill Estates1MaryLou Willey636-248-1661Email MaryLou Willey
Chapel Hill Estates1Jerry Calvert314-808-8165Email Jerry Calvert
Chapel Hill Crossing1Greg G.S. Phillips314-802-0126Email Greg G.S. Phillips
Chapel Hill Crossing1Deb WogtechN/AN/A
Chapel Hill Crossing1John GriffenN/AN/A
Chapel Hill Crossing1Cathy TeaterN/AN/A
Cornerstone Subdivision4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Cottage Hills1N/ANo AssociationN/A
Cottages at Wedgewood3Jeannette Kardasz314-805-1776Email Jeannette Kardasz
Cottages at Wedgewood3Joshua Becker636-544-3908Email Joshua Becker
Cottages at Wedgewood3Joshua Davis217-377-3334Email Joshua Davis
Country Creek4Alpha Real Estates Group636-441-9200Alpha Real Estate Group, LLC
5988 Mid Rivers Mall Dr.
St. Charles, MO 63304
Email Alpha Real Estate
Country Creek4Sarah Wagner636-734-4406Email Sarah Wagner
Country Creek4Heidi Wilkosz636-441-6461Email Heidi Wilkosz
Country Creek4Larry Babb636-219-3550Email Larry Babb
 Country Crossing2 N/A877-842-7904

Smith Management Group
Constance Northrup, Extension 107
Lanya Massman, Extension 109

Country Crossing2Angelina Livia636-248-8237Email Angelina Livia
Country Crossing2Greg Sartorius636-236-2078Email Greg Sartorius
Country Crossing2Luke Workman217-821-1076Email Luke Workman
N/AN/AN/AN/ACountry Crossing Homeowners Association By-Laws (PDF)
Country Crossing Covenants and Restrictions (PDF)
Country Crossing Estates2Christina FreemanN/A

Email Christina Freeman

Country Crossing Estates2Gary HorwathN/AN/A
Country Crossing Manor2Dawn Huelsmann314-994-7440, ext. 57516
Email Dawn Huelsmann
Country Crossing Manor 2Jeff Landis314-800-7355Email Jeff Landis
Country Crossing Manor2Lee Kachevas314-277-5866Email Lee Kachevas
Country Crossing Manor2Paul Norman858-248-9096 Email Paul Norman
Country Hill Estates1N/ANo AssociationN/A
Country Hill Farm2N/ANo AssociationN/A
Country Hill Manor2N/ANo AssociationN/A
Country Hill South2N/ANo AssociationN/A
Country Lake Estates4Mark SmithN/AEmail Mark Smith
Country Lake Estates4Matt JenningN/A
Email Matt Jenning
Country Lake Estates4Emily AutenN/AEmail Emily Auten
Country Lake Estates4Gary636-328-7653Email Gary
Country Manor4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Covenant Park3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Crescent Hills4Madaline Barteau636-938-1685Email Madaline Barteau
Crescent Hills4Teresa Wickenhauser314-660-2394Email Teresa Wickenhauser
Crescent Hills4Ben Schmitz314-749-0718Email Ben Schmitz
Crown Colony-Phase 11Lisa Galati 636-856-5787 

Email Lisa at Community Property Management

Crown Colony-Phase 11Janet SerraN/AN/A
Crown Colony-Phase 11Carla MarekN/AN/A
Crown Colony-Phase 11Rick AdamsN/AN/A
Crown Colony-Phase 11Ryan ClausenN/AN/A
Crown Colony-Phase 11Kerrie KeaneN/AN/A
Crown Pointe1Judy Borgmeyer 


Email Judy Borgmeyer
Crown Pointe1Sherry Gibson314-954-6316Email Sherry Gibson
Crown Pointe1George Smith314-346-8199Email George Smith
Crystal Lake Estates1Brandon SmithleyN/AEmail the Crystal Lake President
Crystal Lake Estates1Jordan Monette832-622-8464Email Jordan Monette
Crystal Lake Estates1Nancy Young636-875-3457Email Nancy Young
Danielle Downs4Brian Morrissey 636-577-9411Email Brian Morrissey
Danielle Downs4Gorden MidgelyN/AEmail Gorden Midgely
Danielle Downs4Vicki Hardiman-Riley314-601-2068Email Vicki Hardiman-Riley
Dardenne Crossing2N/ANo AssociationN/A
Dardenne Lake Estates1Inez Hawickhorst636-577-0812Email Inez Hawickhorst
Dardenne Lake Estates1Tony Kinkelaar314-705-4001Email Tony Kinkelaar
Dardenne Lake Estates1Mary Schmidt636-248-8124Email Mary Schmidt
Dardenne Lake Estates1Kim Kelly314-397-0101Email Kim Kelly
Deer Ridge1Mary House636-379-3897House and Associates, LLC (Accounting Only)
Deer Ridge1Charles Chen314-324-2396Email Charles Chen
Drovers Crossing1

Drovers Crossing info:
P.O. Box 73 
St. Peters, MO 63376
Drovers Crossing1Mike Baeten
Email Mike Baeten
Drovers Crossing1Bryce Hambleton
Email Bryce Hambleton
Drovers Crossing1Elizabeth Spaunhorst
Email Elizabeth Spaunhorst
Ellington Place1

Community Property Management

636-277-8688Email Linn at Community Property Management
Ellington Place1Pat Akers636-373-3937Email Pat Akers
Ellington Place1Lori MorganN/AEmail Lori Morgan
Ellington Place1Bernadette BehlN/AEmail Bernadette Behl
Englewood1Sentry Mgmt-Tyler Mazdra636-970-1887, ext. 57622Email Sentry Mgmt-Tyler Mazdra
Englewood1Anthony Brauchle
Email Englewood
Englewood1Steve Harbison
Email Englewood
Enwood3Josh Runge636-699-9557Email Josh Runge
Enwood3Bill Tscharner636-244-0925N/A
Enwood3Jeff Rogge636-577-1340Email Jeff Rogge
Estates of Chateau Woods1Kurt Sergiewich636-485-4285Estates of Chateau Woods
Estates of Chateau Woods1Tim Weber636-357-3585Estates of Chateau Woods
Fairfield Place4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Fawn Lake1Carol MayerN/AN/A
Fawn Lake1Janet Muehling314-4408450N/A
Fawn Lake1Bryan Kury636-240-1317N/A
Four Winds Estates1N/ANo AssociationN/A
Gailwood Estates3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Golden Hills3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Golden Triangle2N/ANo AssociationN/A
Green Forest Estates1N/AN/AEmail Green Forest Estates
Green Forest Estates1Sheldon BerberianN/AEmail Green Forest Estates
Green Forest Estates1Michelle OlejniczakN/AEmail Green Forest Estates
Green Forest Estates1Tim PaceN/AEmail Green Forest Estates
Greenhurst Manor4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Hanover Crossing3Mary Kubiak636-447-7282Email Mary Kubiak
Hanover Crossing3Joyce PaganoN/AN/A
Hanover Crossing3Paul Krupowicz312-237-5553Email Paul Krupowicz
Harvest Point4Jerry BubachN/AN/A
Harvest Point4Brian HuntN/AN/A
Harvest Point4Rick KrugN/AN/A
Haywood Manor4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Heather Ridge4Mike KlottN/AN/A
Heather Ridge4Dave Landherr636-447-4195N/A
Heritage Landing4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Heritage Manor4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Hermitage3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Hickory Ridge2N/AN/AEmail the Trustees of Hickory Ridge
Hickory Ridge2Lisa OrlandoN/AEmail the Trustees of Hickory Ridge
Hickory Ridge2Kim BishopN/AEmail the Trustees of Hickory Ridge
Hickory Ridge2Clayton BartellN/AEmail the Trustees of Hickory Ridge
Hickory Ridge2Perry CallN/AEmail the Trustees of Hickory Ridge
Hickory Ridge2Nancy LivingstonN/AEmail the Trustees of Hickory Ridge
Hickory Ridge2Mary Ann TischlerN/AEmail the Trustees of Hickory Ridge
Hidden Lake Estates4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Highland Estates4Greg McNamara636-288-7783Email Greg McNamara
Highland Estates4Steven FornessN/AN/A
The Highlands4Sara WellmanN/AEmail Sara Wellman
The Highlands4Thomas BakerN/AEmail Thomas Baker
The Highlands4Urban and Annette MolitorN/AEmail Urban and Annette Molitor
Hi-Point Acres3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Hollow Creek1Anthony Mundt636-352-5826Email Anthony Mundt
Hollow Creek1Stefan Mundt636-578-4515N/A
Homestead Estates1Glen Barrett636-346-4763Email Glen Barrett
Homestead Estates 1Donald Brann 314-422-5257 Email Donald Brann
Homestead Estates 1James Kelley314-660-0899Email James Kelley
Hope Court1N/ANo AssociationN/A
Hunters Valley2N/ANo AssociationN/A
Huntleigh Estates3 N/A N/AIndenture of Covenants and Restrictions (PDF)
Huntleigh Estates3Robin Frye314-704-6390Email Robin Frye
Huntleigh Estates3Keith Buerck314-713-1426Email Keith Buerck
Huntleigh Estates3Tim Zoll314-517-6436Email Tim Zoll
Kindred Hill3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Lake View Gardens4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Lakes of Devondale1Mark Hoernschemeyer314-482-3974Email Mark Hoernschemeyer
Lakes of Devondale1Michael Ibele
Email Michael Ibele
Lakes of Devondale1Matt Dobbs314-448-9329Email Matt Dobbs
Laurel Springs1Marilyn Miramonti636-294-5789Email Marilyn Miramonti
Laurel Springs1Martyn Rynck636-281-6366

Email Martyn Rynck

Laurel Springs1Jim Radi636-294-7044Email Jim Radi
Laurel Village Townhomes3

AMC Management LLC Jeff Strauser

Laurel Village Townhomes3John Voss314-680-0599Email John Voss
Laurel Village Townhomes3N/AN/ALaurel Village Rules and Regulations (PDF)
Laurel Village By-Laws (PDF)
Laurel Village Declarations (PDF)
Le-Jer Acres3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Le-Jer Manor3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Lienemann Forest4

Management Office CPM 


N/AN/AJulia Gabriel (Assistant)636-227-8688, ext. 315Email Julia Gabriel
Lienemann Forest4Glenda Winship314-482-4320Email Glenda Winship
Lienemann Forest4Brian Uccello832-496-5853Email Brian Uccello
Lienemann Forest4Norma Helms314-808-1579Email Norma Helms
Lindys Landing2N/ANo AssociationN/A
Manors at Orchard Glen 3Tricia Simon314-517-3462
Email Tricia Simon
Manors at Orchard Glen 3Vince Weidinger 636-936-8824Email Manors at Orchard Glen
Mc Clay Gardens4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Mc Clay Meadows4Mark LawlerN/AN/A
Mc Clay Meadows4Brad DebrechtN/AN/A
Mc Clay Valley HOA3Brent Sheild334-444-3400N/A
McClay-Laurel-Prospect Point Drain Assn.3Sarah Fuller314-565-9411Email Sarah Fuller
Mc Clay Village4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Mid Rivers Estates2N/ANo AssociationN/A
Mills Farm Estates4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Millwood4Jose Porchmann904-536-8711Email Jose Porchmann
Millwood4Nolan Grade314-435-1311Email Nolan Grade
Misty Valley Estates3N/ANo AssociationN/A

Tree Stone Properties

Montecito Terrace Condos4Smith Management Group314-394-4200N/A
Montecito Terrace Condos4Rich ScottN/AN/A
Montecito Terrace Condos4Sue ScottN/AN/A
Montecito Terrace Condos4Katherine BuschN/AN/A
Nob Hill3N/AN/AEmail Nob Hill
Oak Creek Hills3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Ohmes Farm2Adam Sharpe
Email Adam Sharpe
Ohmes Farm2Melissa Johann314-805-1379Email Melissa Johann
Ohmes Farm2Alexandria Dillon314-853-0040Email Alexandria Dillon
Ohmes Farm 2David Hartman636-219-6028Email David Hartman
Ohmes Farm2Michael Minter636-751-1480Email Michael Minter
Old Town North1N/ANo AssociationN/A
Old Town South1N/ANo AssociationN/A
Park Ridge Estates4John Luehrs314-591-0814

Email John Luehrs

Park Ridge Estates4Jeanne Forgarty314-518-9067N/A
Park Ridge Estates4Nikki Korda636-233-7345Email Nikki Korda
Parkway Villas4Dino Wesche314-898-8825Email Dino Wesche
Parkwoods North2N/ANo AssociationN/A
Pegasus Farms2N/AN/A

Pegasus Farms
P.O. Box 473
St. Peters, MO 63376
Email Pegasus Farms

Pegasus Farms2Don Doherty314-452-0067Email Don Doherty
Pegasus Farms2Michelle PadillaN/AEmail Pegasus Farms
Pegasus Farms2Tim BunfillN/AEmail Pegasus Farms
Pegasus FarmsCity & Village314-739-4800Email City & Village
Penny Lane3David Kuppler636-634-0096Email David Kuppler
Penny Lane3Tom KendallN/AEmail Tom Kendall
Penny Lane3Dehn Peterson314-800-7339Email Dehn Peterson
Penny Lane3Smith Management Group314-394-4200Email the Smith Management Group
Pine Tree Court3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Plum Creek4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Prospect Point3Sarah Fuller314-565-9411Email Sarah Fuller
Prospect Point 3Carrie WhiteN/AN/A
Prospect Point3John RuttenN/AN/A
Queensbrooke4Jonnie Brown314-413-0973

Email Jonnie Brown

Queensbrooke4Nancy Laffold636-399-7209Email Nancy Laffold
Queensbrooke4Cindy Burkholder314-803-4500Email Cindy Burkholder
Queensbrooke4Margie Burns636-697-7383Email Margie Burns
Queensbrooke4Cindy Plummer314-496-4949Email Cindy Plummer
Queensbrooke4Adam Jennings Property Manager314-380-3101Email Adam Jenning
Queensbrooke Village4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Ranchette Estates4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Regency Estates4Katie Emerson314-807-4332N/A
Regency Estates4Steve GomezN/AN/A
Richmond1Community Property Management636-227-8688 

Email Jennifer at Community Property Management

Richmond1Brynn PalmerN/A
Richmond1Wendy HausmanN/AEmail Wendy Hausman
Richmond1Mark LetkoN/AEmail Mark Letko
St. Peters Condos3Omni Management Group636-294-1418


St. Peters Condos3Shawn HageneN/AEmail Shawn
St. Peters Hills2N/ANo AssociationN/A
St. Peters Village1N/ANo AssociationN/A
St. Peters Villas1N/ANo AssociationN/A
Savannah2Kenneth Richardson
Email Kenneth Richardson
Savannah2Doris Wagner
Email Doris Wagner
Savannah2Angie Westermann
Email Angie Westermann
Shadow Creek1N/ANo AssociationN/A
Southgate Manor4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Spanish Trails1N/ANo AssociationN/A
Spencer Creek East3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Spencer Creek North3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Spencer Creek South3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Spencer Creek West3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Spencer Hill3Ron Taylor314-520-2713Email Ron Taylor
Spencer Hill3Michael Whiteside636-734-2116Email Michael Whiteside
Spencer Hill3J. Brad Smith314-799-2723Email J. Brad Smith
Spencer Hill3Melissa Maness314-239-6128Email Melissa Maness
Spencer Hill 3Nolan Capp314-541-4683Email Nolan Capp
Spencer Hill3Nicole Ferris636-751-8318Email Nicole Ferris
Spencer Place1Joyce Huster636-485-9757Email Joyce Huster
Spring Valley4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Spring Valley Way2N/ANo AssociationN/A
Springwood3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Starwood1N/ANo AssociationN/A
Stoll Lane1N/ANo AssociationN/A
Stoneridge Condos4Becky - Sentry Mgt.314-994-7440N/A
Stoneridge Condos4Tiffany Rehg314-805-9239Email Tiffany Rehg
Stoneridge Homeowners Association4N/AN/AStoneridge Homeowners Association
Stoneridge Homeowners Assn.4Cathie Weisenfels314-799-1808Email Cathie Weisenfels
Stoneridge Homeowners Assn.4Eric LaneN/AN/A
Stoneridge Homeowners Assn.4Dawn Huelsmann 314-994-7440, ext. 57516Email Dawn Huelsmann 
Sugarwood4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Summergate Estates4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Summergate Townhomes4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Summerhill Condos1Ed Hanson314-409-8433Email Ed Hanson
Summerhill Condos1Sharon Shallow636-734-4544Email Sharon Shallow
Summerhill Condos1Dijon Hancy636-256-1425Email Dijon Hancy
Summerhill Condos1Jo Ellen Speers636-387-0427N/A
Summerwinds Condos1Jeff Strauser314-291-1450AMC Association
Email Jeff Strauser
Summerwinds Condos1Amy Earle314-291-1450

AMC Association
Email the AMC Association Office

Summerwinds Condos1Kevin KorinekN/AN/A
Summerwinds Condos1Guy BernhoesterN/AN/A
Summerwinds Condos1Cynthia BenzN/AN/A
Summerwinds Condos1Darren MarhankaN/AN/A
Sunny Hills Estates1N/ANo AssociationN/A
Tanglewood3Sterling Management Solutions314-287-0541

Tanglewood Resident Assoc
Email Tanglewood Trustees

Email Sterling Management

The Commons4N/ANo AssociationN/A
The Crossing at Bella Vista4Community Property ManagementN/AEmail the Community Property Management
The Crossing at Bella Vista4Kathleen PearsonN/AEmail Kathleen Pearson
The Crossing at Bella Vista4Joyce MuellerN/A
The Crossing at Bella Vista4Carol HasselbeinN/AEmail Carol Hasselbein
The Enclaves at Eisenhower2N/ANo AssociationN/A
The Pointe at Heritage Crossing4Brian TaylorN/AN/A
The Pointe at Heritage Crossing4Bryan FennellN/AEmail Bryan Fennell
The Pointe at Heritage Crossing4Marianne Mitchell314-357-0716Marianne Mitchell
The Pointe at Heritage Crossing4Toni DornseifN/AEmail Toni Dornseif
The Pointe at Heritage Crossing4James Riney314-807-6804Email James Riney
Timberidge3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Turnberry Bluffs - Villas1Chris WhitenackN/A

Email Turnberry Bluffs-Villas

Turnberry Buffs1Bob Bliss314-221-3588Email Bob Bliss
Turnberry Buffs1Suzy ForimN/AEmail Turnberry Buffs
Turnberry Bluffs1Debra MedlingN/AEmail Turnberry Buffs
Turnberry Bluffs1Cindy WynnN/AEmail Turnberry Buffs
Turnberry Garden Condos1Mary McDonald636-387-1556Email Mary McDonald
Turnberry Garden Condos 1Cathy Rahlmann314-225-5959Email Cathy Rahlmann
Turnberry Garden Condos1Wendy StackerN/AN/A
Turnberry Place Apts.1N/ANo AssociationN/A
Twelve Oaks Garden Villas1

Sentry Management- Tyler Mazdra

636-970-1887, ext. 57608Email Tyler Mazdra
Twelve Oaks Garden Villas1Janice Golden314-974-6790Email Janice Golden
Twelve Oaks Garden Villas1Eber Hart636-294-2760

Email Eber Hart

Twelve Oaks Garden Villas1Sandy Null314-960-5902Email Sandy Null
Twelve Oaks Garden Villas1Cecilia Sofranko314-378-4793Email Cecilia Sofranko
Twill Valley3N/ANo AssociationN/A
Vantage Pointe2Brian Suttory314-616-2275 Email Brian Suttory
Vantage Pointe2Matt WilsonN/AN/A
Village of Crown Colony2Chuck Mica636-397.6164N/A
Village of Crown Colony2Charles Wilhite636-397-2264N/A
Villages of Windwood4CPM Property Management636-227-8688Email CPM Property Management
Villages of Windwood4Donna ReedN/AEmail Donna Reed
Villages of Windwood4Marsha HartN/AEmail Marsha Hart
Villages of Windwood4Charlie BlalockN/AEmail Charlie Blalock
Villas at Crown Colony1Mickey Montee314-291-1450AMC Property Management
Villas at Shepherd Hill4Darryl Bolen618-267-6842N/A
Villas at Shepherd Hill4Debra Keane636-441-2723N/A
Villas at Shepherd Hill4Joane ScottN/AN/A
Villas at Willott Square2Jim Greco636-219-6823Email Jim Greco
Villas at Willott Square2Kelly Harris630-802-0906Email Kelly Harris
Ville DuPre1Dwight Santagato314-374-8606N/A
Ville DuPre1Vera Salmons636-328-4163N/A
Ville DuPre1Sam Leone636-345-7876Email Sam Leone
Waterside Crossing4N/ANo AssociationN/A
Westbury Place Condos1Century Management636-970-1887N/A
Westbury Place Condos1

John Smith

636-485-5675Email John Smith
Westbury Place Condos1Gloria Jezik636-293-3799Email Gloria Jezik
Westbury Place Condos1Judith Renauld314-374-6235Email Judith Renauld
Westminster Way2N/ANo AssociationN/A
Whittington Place4Nadia Button314-578-0153N/A
Whittington Place4Pam Spires636-209-0153Email Pam Spires
Windstream Condos4Jake Rust636-485-7774Email Jake Rust
Windstream Condos2Stella Lindsey314-486-6035Email Stella Lindsey
Windstream Condos2Angela Graczyk 314-769-7134Email Angela Graczyk
Windstream Condos2Kathleen Wright314-852-3707Email Kathleen Wright
Windstream Condos2T.J. Johnson913-671-9850Email T.J. Johnson
New Windstream2Cody Calhoun314-276-7921Email Cody Calhoun
 New Windstream 2Jeremy Schneider314-922-5295Email Jeremy Schneider
New Windstream2Wilma Rademaker314-420-1438Email Wilma Rademaker
Woodbriar3Donna Lamberth Axtman618-910-7495

Email Woodbriar Trustee 604
Email Donna Lamberth

Woodbriar3Josh GainN/AEmail Josh Gain
Woodbriar3Larry Keller618-610-7899N/A
Woodbrook3N/ANo AssociationN/A