Attorney Guidelines

Entry of Appearance

An attorney who intends to represent a defendant before the Municipal Court, shall forward to the Court an Entry of Appearance in Memorandum form addressed to the Court by mail or fax. The Memorandum shall include the defendant's name, the specific case number(s), the court date, the attorney's name, bar number, address, phone number, and fax number. The entry shall be dated and shall include a certificate of service indicating a copy has been forwarded to the Prosecuting Attorney.

Filings Under New Statutes

If you require a file-stamped copy, you must send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) for the return. All entries of appearance, requests for a recommendation and/or discovery should be sent to the Court. A copy shall be sent separately to the attention of the Prosecuting Attorney at the same address with a service copy of your entry of appearance and a SASE. The Court cannot handle/process requests for recommendations or discovery.

Request for Recommendation

If the attorney is requesting a recommendation from the Prosecuting Attorney, a separate letter directed to the Prosecuting Attorney shall be sent directly to the Prosecuting Attorney by email, mail, or fax. Along with the letter requesting a recommendation, a copy of the entry of appearance as filed with the Court shall be enclosed and a SASE.

  • Emails should be sent to the Prosecuting Attorney Email.
  • Letters should be sent to:
    Lorna Frahm
    1020 Grand Teton
    St. Peters, MO 63376
  • Fax to 636-279-8372.
  • To call the office, dial 636-279-8371.

Request for Discovery

If the attorney is requesting discovery, that request may be included in the letter requesting a recommendation, or may be requested in a separate discovery motion. If requested in a discovery motion, the original motion should be filed with the Court and a copy served upon the prosecuting attorney. Discovery will be governed in accordance with Supreme Court Rule 37.54. Any disputes between the Prosecuting Attorney and the attorney for Defendant shall be addressed by Motion with Notice of Hearing to be held in accordance with Supreme Court Rules.

Prosecuting Attorney's Recommendation

Upon receipt of a request for a recommendation, the Prosecuting Attorney may forward a response to the attorney. If the matter does not require a court appearance to accept the recommendation, the Prosecuting Attorney may forward the recommendation to the attorney for their review and shall notify the Court that a recommendation has been sent to the attorney for the defendant. The Prosecuting Attorney shall include a court date in said recommendation for acceptance and payment of the recommendation and shall notify the Court of the court date. The Court shall continue the matter to the specific court date for disposition or trial setting.

If the Prosecuting Attorney's recommendation requires a court appearance by the Defendant and/or his/her attorney, the date shall be provided to the attorney. If the recommendation includes a period of probation upon a plea of guilty, the defendant shall appear in person on said court date. A court appearance is required for all probation recommendations, any that require fingerprinting and non-traffic other than littering.

Acceptance of Recommendation

If the recommendation from the Prosecuting Attorney does not require an appearance and is payable outside of court, the Defendant or the attorney must execute the recommendation form/plea of guilty and forward the executed document to the Court prior to the court date. If payment is not made in accordance with the recommendation prior to the court date or paid in full on the court date, the Defendant must appear in person on the court date. The court administrators are not able to accept payment on a fine and court costs in person, by mail or online until the signed recommendation form/plea of guilty has been filed with the Court.

Partial payments will not be accepted without an appearance in court. In the event your client can only make a partial payment, they must appear in court on the date scheduled with their payment and a copy of the recommendation signed by the Defendant or counsel of record. No payment will be accepted without a signed copy of the recommendation.

Under no circumstances will the Court discuss a recommendation with a defendant represented by counsel unless the recommendation has been signed by counsel of record.

Please make money orders and cashier checks payable to the St. Peters Municipal Court (no personal checks). Payments can be mailed or made in person at:
Violations Bureau
St. Peters Municipal Court
1020 Grand Teton
St. Peters, MO 63376

Payments can also be made by using a credit card (visit the Municipal Court page for payment information). Please note there is a service fee when payment with a credit card. Online payments will not be accepted until the Court has received a signed recommendation. You may fax a signed copy of the recommendation to 636-928-4482.


Continuances can only be granted by the Judge or by the court administrators as authorized by the Judge. Requests for continuances may be filed by mail or by fax, but said continuances are not granted until approved by the Court. As an attorney, if you request a continuance, do not assume it has been granted. The attorney assumes the risk of a request for continuance being denied, particularly if said Motion to Continue is not filed at least three days prior to the next court date.

The clerks are authorized to continue for a standard one month continuance non-housing code cases a maximum of three times after an entry to obtain a recommendation and a maximum of three times after a recommendation to dispose of the case.

Housing code cases shall be set for trial and/or plea on the next available code docket, not to exceed a standard one month continuance.


An attorney who has entered his/her appearance is the attorney of record until the case is closed or until a motion for leave to withdraw has been filed and approved by the Court. Any attorney who wishes to withdraw as the attorney for a defendant shall file a Motion for Leave to Withdraw with the Court and forward a copy of said Motion to the defendant's last known address along with a Notice including a court date on which the defendant shall appear. A copy of the letter or notice to the defendant shall be attached to the Motion for Leave to Withdraw.


All requests for Municipal Court records shall include a SASE. All such requests for records shall be reviewed by the Judge or Court Administrator.


When a warrant is served or recalled the clerk shall notify the police department and the records department.