Municipal Court

The City of St. Peters Municipal Court is a Division of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court of the State of Missouri. The jurisdiction of the Municipal Court extends to all cases involving alleged violations of the Municipal Code or other ordinances of the City. Our mission is to provide responsible management of court records and to ensure compliance with legal provisions embodied in State and City laws.

Fines & Court Costs

View our Schedule of Court Fines (PDF) to view a list of the fines and costs to be imposed for each of the violations that may be collected in the Violation Bureau pursuant to Missouri Supreme Court Rule 37.49 and previous order of St. Peters Municipal Court.

If you desire to plead guilty to any of the charges listed on the schedule of fines and pay the standard fine, you may use the following links to avoid the requirement of appearing in Court. If you fail to pay before the court date, a summons will be issued and your citation will no longer be payable out of court. If you desire to plead not guilty you must appear in Court.

Starting June 1, 2021, a convenience fee will be applied to every credit card transaction in person, online or phone payment.

Pay Court Fines

Note: We switched to a new system for records and payments due after June 1, 2021.

If you would like to plead guilty to your charge and your citation is not payable out of court, please contact the court office at 636-279-8280 for further instructions.

Search Municipal Court Records

Note: We switched to a new system for records and payments due after June 1, 2021.

Transportation to Court

Need help with transportation to Court? Contact MO Rides at 636-359-4656. MO Rides is a regional referral service working with transportation providers to coordinate affordable rides for people with transportation challenges. You pay the transportation company of your choice for your ride. There is no fee to call MO Rides for assistance.

Summons for Division 9 or 10

If you received a summons for Division 9 or Division 10, please visit the Missouri 11th Judicial Circuit Court.