Music Programs

Youth & Adult Music Programs

Guitar Ensemble ● Folk & Bluegrass Jam ● Fiddle Jam

Begin your study of guitar, fiddle, banjo, or mandolin by experiencing the enjoyment and camaraderie of learning to play in a string ensemble.

These continued development ensemble programs guide students through the rudiments of music theory, notation, rhythm, and technique. Beginning with simple melodies, students learn to play songs arranged in multiple parts and perform them together as an ensemble.

As the students progress, the music becomes more adventurous.  Guitarists can expect to learn solo pieces as well as expanding arrangements for guitar ensemble.  Students participating in the Folk and bluegrass or Fiddle Jams slowly graduate from learning the fundamentals and playing arranged music to improvising in full-fledged jam sessions. 


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For all scheduling, questions, and inquiries, please contact instructor Eric Wilson at 636-219-4939.

Acoustic Music Jam

Wednesdays, 6:30 to 9 pm
$3 for Musicians and Listeners

Join us at St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre on Wednesday evenings to unwind at the mid-point of the week. We encourage you to bring an acoustic instrument and play, bring your voice and sing along, or just sit back and listen.

For more information, contact the Cultural Arts Centre at 636-397-6903, ext. 1624.