Stormwater Management

Stormwater is the water that flows through our neighborhoods on its way to area waterways. In St. Peters, we have two types of systems that carry this stormwater into nearby waterways. We have our "gray" systems; these are the gutters, storm sewer inlets, storm sewer pipes and related structures that the City of St. Peters maintains to allow stormwater to run from our surfaces to nearby waterways. Then, there are the "green" stormwater systems, the creeks, streams, and stormwater basins throughout our City.

The City of St. Peters has a Prop P ½-cent sales tax approved by voters for stormwater and parks projects. Our team maintains the following Prop P stormwater improvements:

  • 27 stream corridor sites
  • 5.76 miles of stream channel
  • 41 stormwater basins/sites
  • 112 acres total

For more information about stormwater, call City Hall at ext. 1225 at 636-477-6600 or 636-278-2244.

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Storm SewerThe Stormwater Master Plan (PDF) will be used for planning future capital improvements, improving water quality, and continuing compliance with Missouri Department of Natural Resources Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MDNR MS4) regulations. Preliminary investigations have evaluated the existing conditions of the City's open-channel stormwater infrastructure based on hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, field reconnaissance, water quality modeling, and review of relevant policies at the City, State, and Federal levels.