Blue Cart Crew Recycling Winners

St. Peters residents, you have the opportunity to win prizes when you join the Blue Cart Crew and pledge to use Blue Bags only for recycling!

Recycle and Win

Blue Cart Crew members are chosen randomly for monthly prizes from May through November and for a grand prize during a drawing at the St. Peters Board of Aldermen meeting in November. Monthly winners receive $50 gift cards. Grand prize winners receive $100 gift cards. Winners are chosen from each of our four wards.

Everyone wins when you recycle! Recycling "puts our landfill on a diet," reducing landfill tipping fees and allowing us to sell recyclable materials to keep your trash/recycling bill low.

Good luck in the contest, Blue Cart Crew members, and thank you for recycling!

Not a member? Join the Blue Cart Crew for a chance to win!

2023 Recycling Contest

Grand Prize Winners ($100 gift cards)

  • Ward 1: Robert Rutkowski (Estates of Chateau Woods)
  • Ward 2: James Gremaud (Country Crossing Estates)
  • Ward 3: Pam & Tom Cutright (Enwood Subdivision)
  • Ward 4: Michael & Deborah Gorzel (Spring Valley Subdivision)

Monthly Winners ($50 gift cards)

  • October 2023: Ward 3, Timothy O'Neal (Enwood)
  • October 2023: Ward 4, Joan & Michael Smith (Ashleigh Estates)
  • September 2023: Ward 1, Susan Perez (Old Town)
  • September 2023: Ward 2, Catherine Mitchell (Country Hill Farms)
  • August 2023: Ward 3, Ryan Mathias (Hanover)
  • August 2023: Ward 4, William Smith (Park Ridge Estates)
  • July 2023: Ward 1, Tom Boschert (Enwood)
  • July 2023: Ward 2, Loren Babb (Ohmes Farm)
  • June 2023: Ward 3, Jessica Marsh (Carrington Place)
  • June 2023: Ward 4, Eileen Lenkman (Lienemann Forest)
  • May 2023: Ward 1, Bruce Johnson (Towns at Belleau Creek)
  • May 2023: Ward 2, Bethany LePage (Aspen Ridge)