Blue Cart Crew Curbside Recycling

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Blue Cart Crew - Enroll Now

The City of St. Peters’ curbside recycling program has moved to a subscription-only service. When you enroll in the Blue Cart Crew, you can help put the landfill on a diet!

Enroll now in the Blue Cart Crew or call 636-970-1456 to enroll. There is no fee to subscribe. When you join the Blue Cart Crew, we’ll replace your green trash cart with a Blue Cart that you will continue to use for both trash and Blue Bag recycling. Or, you may have a Blue Cart Crew sticker placed on your green cart.

More than 11,000 households (about half of our City's residents) are recycling with the Blue Cart Crew. Thank you for putting the landfill on a diet! Subscribe to the monthly UpFront newsletter for Blue Bag Recycling Tips and Blue Cart Crew updates.

Not a Blue Cart Crew member? It's never too late to join the Blue Cart Crew and recycle curbside with Blue Bags! Enroll in the blue cart crew today!

By joining the Blue Cart Crew, you’ll be part of St. Peters’ recycling effort that helps to keep our trash costs low and give recyclable materials a new life. If you have not enrolled in the Blue Cart Crew, you no longer can use curbside recycling. Please enroll if you would like to continue to recycle.

Recycling with Blue Bags

When you enroll in the Blue Cart Crew, you pledge to use Blue Bags for curbside recycling only. Learn how to recycle with Blue Bags and help us put the landfill on a diet!

One Delivery of Blue Bags Allowed within 60-Day Period

If you recycle with the Blue Cart Crew, then you can signal that you need new recycling Blue Bags by tying a plastic bag (any type of plastic bag) on your trash cart handle.

Blue Bags will not be delivered to any one address more than once in a 60-day period. If you are a Blue Cart Crew member who received Blue Bags less than 60 days ago, and you tie a plastic bag on your trash cart handle, a new roll of Blue Bags will be delivered to your address at the end of that 60-day period.

If you need additional Blue Bags quicker than 60 days since you last received Blue Bags, you may come to Recycle City at 131 Ecology Drive to pick up a roll.

Blue Bag costs continue to rise. This rule helps control costs, while providing plenty of Blue Bags for normal use. Each roll contains 26 Blue Bags.