Police Community Programs

National Night Out 2019Our Police Department loves partnering with our residents to improve safety and fight crime! You can get involved today in one of our many police community programs.

Neighborhood Watch Program

The purpose of the Neighborhood Watch Program is to improve communications with your Police Department, address safety concerns, reduce burglaries and provide members with crime prevention instruction.

Through this partnership we can work together to promote a safe neighborhood and reduce crime to its lowest possible level. The key ingredient of this program is you. With your participation and willingness to notify the police department of problems and concerns, your subdivision will become or continue to be crime resistant.

If you would like to help establish a Neighborhood Watch Group in your subdivision please contact Sergeant Melissa Doss at 636-278-2244 ext. 3550, or email Melissa Doss.

Neighborhood Watch Party

Neighborhood Watch Meetings

  • A Neighborhood Watch group usually consists of ten to fifteen homes located in the same general area of the subdivision.
  • A Neighborhood Watch group is considered active if it meets at least twice a year. To qualify for Neighborhood Watch signs, the group must meet this minimal requirement.
  • The meetings can be held anywhere in the City of St. Peters. The meeting may be held in a member’s home, on a street in the subdivision (weather permitting), at the St. Peters Police Department or at St. Peters City Hall.
  • Each meeting will last no longer than one hour.
  • The meeting will be conducted by a representative from the St. Peters Police Department.
  • Meetings may include questions and concerns from members of the Neighborhood Watch.
  • Plus, police provide training on one of the following crime prevention topics:
    • Identifying suspicious activity and crime reporting (Required training for each group)
    • Home security (Required training for each group)
    • Child Safety/abduction prevention
    • Personal Safety
    • Internet Safety for Kids and Adults
    • Drug Awareness and Prevention
    • Scam Prevention

Neighborhood Watch Signs & Decals

BurglarEvery Active Neighborhood Watch Group will be supplied two Neighborhood Watch signs for their group. If the signs can be posted in the City’s right-of-way there will be no charge for installation. All signs and posts will remain the property of the City of St. Peters and will be removed if the group becomes inactive.

Each member of a Neighborhood Watch Group will be provided with two Neighborhood Watch Decals. The Decals can be displayed at the front and rear door of the residence but are not required.

Block Coordinator

  • Each group will have one member that is designated as Block Coordinator for the group.
  • The Block Coordinator will be responsible for setting up Neighborhood Watch meetings with the Police Department.
  • To set up a meeting, the Block Captain will contact the St. Peters Police Department and request a meeting date. A meeting date and time will be established.
  • The Police Department will provide flyers detailing the meeting information. The flyers will be sent to the Block Coordinator.
  • The Block Coordinator will be responsible for distributing the flyers to the members of the group.