Block Party & Parade Permits

Block PartySpecial events held in St. Peters may require insurance and additional permits not listed on this page. The details of the event determines what is required. Some of the more common types of events are listed on the Special Events Information flyer.

Block Party Permit Application

Residents of the City of St. Peters wanting to close a street for the purpose of a neighborhood gathering must obtain approval in the form of a block party permit. Closing of streets for block parties will only be permitted on local residential streets and not on main thoroughfares. See the following application for a complete list of rules and regulations.

A minimum of two weeks is required for processing.

Parade Permit Application

An event that meets the following criteria is required to get approval in the form of a parade permit:

Any assemblage of five (5) or more persons participating in, or three (3) or more vehicles being operated in, any march, ceremony, show, exhibition, or procession of any kind in or upon the public streets, sidewalks, alleys, parks or other public grounds or places, not including a bona fide funeral procession.

A minimum of four weeks is required for processing.

Please Note: The City of St. Peters encourages special events (such as walkathons, fun runs and 5K races) to use the St. Peters parks trail system. All timed race events are held at 370 Lakeside Park. Events that solely use City parks and trails do not require a Parade Permit, but must be approved through the Parks Department.

Guidelines & Rules for Park Use & Special Events