St Peters Justice Center

The mission of the St. Peters Police Department is to provide dedicated police service based on high ethical and professional standards while preserving the peace and order of the City. We will attain this mission through conflict management and enforcement of criminal law and city ordinances by officers who are committed to the rule of the law.

 Public service is our mission, and we are proud to serve.

Check out the Police Department's annual reports for information about the Police Department, including messages from the Chief and Deputy Chiefs, an organizational summary, goals and objectives, crime statistics, and more.

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The Office of the Chief of Police is responsible for the management, direction, and administration of the Department. The Chief of Police is accountable for ensuring that the general functions of the Department are carried out effectively and efficiently.

Office of Training/Emergency Management

The Office of Training/Emergency Management is staffed by a Lieutenant who reports to the Chief of Police. The duties include emergency management, all-hazards planning, and coordination and management of the citywide radio system. The Lieutenant is also responsible for ensuring employees receive proper training based on their positions, and that requirements are met for Project 24 established by Missouri POST.

Community & Media Relations Office

The Community/Media Relations Office is staffed by a Sergeant who reports to the Chief of Police and whose duties include media and public relations, administration of crime prevention programs, management and administrative reporting, and Citizen Police Academies.

Professional Standards Office

The Professional Standards unit is staffed by a Lieutenant who reports to the Chief of Police. The office is responsible for the professional development of the members of the Department as well as the creation and maintenance of the standards of conduct for the Department’s internal investigations, complaint review/investigation, inspections, promotional process, hiring and background investigations.