The Finance Department accounts for City-wide financial resources in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and all Federal and State laws and City Ordinances. Accounting functions include: cash handling, accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial reporting, utility billing, property accounting, financial system maintenance and enhancement.

2022 Real Estate/Personal Property Tax by School District

Taxing DistrictFort ZumwaltFrancis HowellSt. Charles
School District$4.5894$4.4605$4.9495
City of St. Peters$0.7700$0.7700$0.7700
Community College$0.1902$0.1902$0.1902
Liberty Tax$0.1908$0.1908$0.1908
State Tax$0.0300$0.0300$0.0300

County Taxes

Taxing DistrictFort ZumwaltFrancis HowellSt. Charles
Road and Bridge Tax$0.1924$0.1924$0.1924
Dev. Disability$0.1223$0.1223$0.1223
Ambulance Tax$0.2573$0.2573$0.2573
Dispatch and Alarm$0.0370$0.0370$0.0370
General County$0.0000$0.0000$0.0000

Fire District

Taxing DistrictFort ZumwaltFrancis HowellSt. Charles
Central County Fire and Rescue$1.1391$1.1391$1.1391
Cottleville Fire District$0.8971$0.8971N/A

Total Taxes

Taxing DistrictFort ZumwaltFrancis HowellSt. Charles
Total with Central County Fire and Rescue$7.5184 $7.3895$7.8785
Total with Cottleville Fire$7.2765$7.1476N/A

The Real Estate and Personal Property tax for the City of St. Peters is collected by the County Collector’s office. The current tax rate is $.77 per $100 assessed valuation. The County Collector’s office will mail out a statement in October and the tax bill is due by December 31. If taxes are not paid on time, interest charges do accrue.

 The St. Charles County Assessor’s Office establishes assessed value. Residential property is assessed at 19 percent of market value, commercial property at 32 percent of market value, agricultural property at 12 percent of productivity value. Personal Property is assessed at 33 1/3 percent of book value. The total assessed value for the City of St. Peters for calendar year 2021 was $1,385,221,229.


  • There is a $.53 Surtax Applied to Real Estate Sub-Class 3, Commercial only.
  • Tax rates are set in the fall of each year by each taxing district.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in St. Peters is 7.95 percent. Here is the breakdown on the tax:

City Taxes

  • City - General: 1.00%
  • City - Transportation: 0.50%
  • City - Parks and Stormwater: 0.50%

County Taxes

  • County - General: 0.50%
  • County - Transportation: 0.50%
  • County - Operating: 0.25%
  • County - Cap Improvement: 0.25%

Children & Family Services

  • Children and Family Services: 0.125%

Metro Parks Tax

  • Metro Parks Tax: 0.10%

State of Missouri

  • State of Missouri: 4.225%

Sales Tax Rate in St. Peters

  • Sales Tax Rate in St. Peters: 7.95%

Within St. Peters, some special taxing districts (CIDs and TDDs) exist that add an additional 1 percent to the purchase. It is the merchant's responsibility to determine if they are in one of these districts.

Note: Last change to City of St. Peters sales tax rate was January 1, 2013.

Franchise Taxes

A Franchise Tax of 5 percent is collected from the electric, gas and cable companies doing business in the City of St. Peters.