The Engineering Department reviews development plans, new roadway construction plans, and plans for other municipal projects, as well as acts an advisory group for other City departments.

General Permit Information

Permits are required on all new development, redevelopments and excavations within City of St. Peters rights-of-ways. The permits allow City staff to make sure that all applicable codes are complied with and ensure the health, safety and welfare of all our residents.

To see if a permit is required for your development you can contact the Engineering Department at ext. 1670 at either 636-278-2244 or 636-477-6600.

You may apply for a permit application at City Hall or by visiting our permit application page. Please note that two sets of plans are required with the submittal for review.

Ordinances & Specifications

The City of St. Peters Engineering Department has compiled a listing of ordinances and specifications to assist you in completing your developments. The City has recently updated ordinances for grading, silt control, storm water regulations, and right-of-way permitting as well as the City’s current street specifications. The City uses the Metropolitan Sewer District’s specifications, with modifications, for storm and sanitary sewer projects.

Review the following documents to review the City Code on the following topics:

Locating City of St. Peters Utilities

The City of St. Peters maintains streets, waterlines, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, traffic signals and some fiber optic cable. The City of St. Peters participates in the Missouri One Call System.

Missouri law requires anyone planning to dig, drill, or blast to report the location of the dig site by calling 1-800-344-7483 (1-800-DIG-RITE). The Missouri One Call System operator will enter the necessary information and then notify the City of St. Peters and other member utilities of impending excavation. The utility owners will then mark the location of their facilities at the dig site allowing the excavator to dig safely.

Digging without knowledge of what’s located underground can cause injury, interrupted service, and result in expensive repairs for the excavator and the utility owner. One call to 1-800-DIG-RITE at least two working days prior to any excavation notifies member utilities of the planned excavation and informs them of the location of the work. Utility owners then mark the dig site both for the protection of the excavator and the utility’s facilities. There is no charge for this 24-hour 7-day a week service. Learn more about Missouri One Call.

Residential Driveway Construction

A permit is necessary for the construction or reconstruction of a residential driveway for an existing home; including the widening of a driveway. The permit is for any work that takes place within the city right-of-way only. If no work is proposed within the right-of-way, no permit is necessary.

A Site Development Permit is required for a residential driveway before any work begins. Once the permit is issued a City Inspector must come to the site to view the area before the driveway is poured to ensure that the area within the right-of-way meets City specifications. All work must be in compliance with City Standards per the residential driveway standard.

Please note that for residents wanting to widen their existing driveway, a sketch will be required to reflect the work proposed. It is suggested that residents use a copy of the plot plan they received when they purchased their home, and draw the driveway and driveway widening on the plan. Dimension the width of the existing driveway, and the width of the proposed widening; along with a dimension from the edge of the driveway to the property line. Staff will review this prior to issuance of a permit to ensure that it meets City standards for total driveway width and that it complies with City ordinance for setback requirements from side property lines.

For questions about residential driveway permits for existing homes or to schedule an inspection, call ext. 1670 at either 636-278-2244 or 636-477-6600. All inspections will be scheduled within 24 hours of your request (excluding weekends and holidays).

View a residential driveway exhibit (PDF).