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St. Peters Ranger Enforcement Division


In 1994 the City saw a need for a dedicated unit to patrol and secure City parks and recreational facilities. The St. Peters Ranger Enforcement Division was created in March 1994.



Ranger TruckAuthority of St. Peters Rangers

St. Peters Rangers are certified commissioned Missouri law enforcement officers and are held to the same training standards and qualifications as our police officers. As such, Rangers have full and equal authority as other Police Officers in the City of St. Peters and may serve in their place when circumstances require for the protection and benefit of the City of St. Peters.

The principal jurisdiction of the Ranger Enforcement Division is parks and recreational areas/facilities in the City of St. Peters. A majority of patrolling is done on foot that allows for increased contact with residents. The Ranger Enforcement Division also has a quad runner, mountain bikes and SUVs. Rangers do a majority of their patrolling on the trails.


The most common violations that Rangers need to address are reminding park goers that:


  • City parks open at sunrise and close at sunset or dark.
  • Glass bottles are not allowed in City parks .
  • The City's leash law must be observed when taking your pets into City parks.




Holding FishRanger Sponsored Community Events

The St. Peters Rangers hold a number of youth events in City Parks. These might include kite festivals, fishing derbys, events at the BMX track, etc.


Click here to check our calendar of events to stay up-to-date on Ranger programs.





Bicycle Registration Program

St. Peters Rangers recover bikes on a weekly basis and offer a free service to St. Peters residents to make recovery of your bike easier if it’s ever lost or stolen.


Drop by the St. Peters Rec-Plex, 5200 Mexico Road, during regular hours beginning at 8 a.m. and ask to have a Ranger register your bike. Or, you can register your bike if you see a Ranger in one of our parks.


The Rangers will enter your owner information, bicycle serial number and bike description into a database. A special adhesive security tag will be tightly sealed to the bottom of the bike. This tag will contain an identification number, but even if the tag comes off, the Rangers can use the information in the database to help identify a bike.


Call the Rangers’ office at ext. 1416 at 636.477.6600 or 636.278.2244 to learn more.



The Ranger Enforcement Division offices are at the Rec-Plex, 5200 Mexico Road.


Ext. 1416 at either 636.278.2244 or 636.477.6600

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