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Current Pipeline Projects


The following locations have requested an Excavation Notification permit.


    • 3017 McClay Village Circle
      Purpose of excavation: Fence, August 4-Sept. 4, 2014. DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION (pdf format). Equipment to be used: post hole digger.

    • Ohmes Farm Entrance Basin, Dogwood Meadow Ct. Basin & Chestnut Pines Ct/Cherry Creek Ct/Orchid Blossom Ct. Basins
      Purpose of excavation: Detention basin improvements, per contract with the City of St. Peters, July 21, 2014, for 180 calendar days for contract. DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION (pdf format). Equipment to be used: dozer and excavator.

    To sign up for automatic email notification for excavations requiring an Excavation Notification permit due to the proximity of the work being performed to a pipeline in the City of St Peters, complete the email notification box at the bottom of this page. Whenever a new Excavation Notification permit is received and posted on our website, you will receive a link via email so you can review and keep up-to-date.