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Mayor Len Pagano

Mayor Len Pagano for St. Peters, Missouri


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Leonard B. "Len" Pagano lives in Hanover Crossing and has been a resident for over 35 years. He was honorably discharged form both the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy. He is a high school graduate and took specialty courses at both St. Charles County and Florissant Valley Community Colleges. He is retired from Unilever HPC where he worked as St. Louis Plant Warehouse Coordinator. He and his wife, Joyce, have three children, eight grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Mayor Pagano has served the City of St. Peters as an elected official since 1983. He was a Ward 3 Alderman from 1983-2007. In April 2007, he was elected Mayor of St. Peters to fill a vacancy. In April 2008, he was re-elected to a full, four-year term.


"The City of St. Peters welcomes you! The information contained in this section will help you to become familiar with each of the City’s elected and appointed officials. It will also provide you with valuable information about services, local ordinances and opportunities for citizen participation. I encourage you to become knowledgeable about your City and take an active role in your City government. Stay involved!"




Message from Mayor Pagano


A More Connected Community


We recently cut the ribbon on the opening of a trail bridge over Dardenne Creek along the south side of Mexico Road. After the ribbon-cutting, we saw some bikers and pedestrians using this beautiful new 10-foot-wide trail bridge, safely separated from the road traffic. It got me thinking about the different transportation projects in our community that are helping people get where they need to go, whether it’s by car or bike or foot, and why they are important. These new connections are setting up our community to be successful well into the future by helping us reach key priorities in our community’s Vision 2025 strategic plan—to be safe, healthy, connected, sustainable, prosperous, innovative and community-oriented.


The connections we make through these road projects are part of a bigger plan. Our parks system currently includes 20 miles of trails, connecting neighborhoods and various parks, with plans to eventually connect with other communities. The Mexico Road Multi-use Trail Bridge project that we just opened connects with Dardenne Greenway, which is part of the Great Rivers Greenway region-wide system of interconnected greenways, parks and trails, known as the River Ring. When complete, the Dardenne Greenway trail will span 26 miles all the way from Francis Howell Central High School off Highway N to Sports Center Park north of I-70. The Dardenne Greenway Trail is tied into the trail system that winds through Woodlands Sports Park and neighboring Jack Gettemeyer Park at Rabbit Run, then connects north to Dardenne Park.


Another St. Peters road project along Mid Rivers Mall Drive at Cottleville Parkway will also include access improvements to the Dardenne Greenway trail. When we built Salt River Road several years ago, we included trail and pedestrian bridge connections to make it possible for future Dardenne Greenway trail connections north of I-70 to 370 Lakeside Park and beyond.


City Centre Trail is another popular trail in St. Peters, connecting our City Centre Park where we have City Hall and the St. Peters Rec-Plex to Spencer Creek Park, Covenant Park and Laurel Park. When we rebuilt the Willott Road Bridge west of Jungermann Road a couple of years ago, we included a pedestrian tunnel for City Centre Trail, and last year we included a safer, wider trail connection when we rebuilt the Spencer Creek Covered Bridge. We also will improve this trail connection at Jungermann Road during an upcoming bridge replacement project.


And, yes, City Centre Trail also will connect with the Great Rivers Greenway system. A project is under construction to extend the Centennial Greenway near Heritage Landing across Highway 364 and Highway 94. Plans call for Centennial to connect with City Centre Trail in Laurel Park in a future project. When that happens, you could hike or bike from the heart of St. Peters all the way to the Katy Trail or to Creve Coeur Lake in Maryland Heights.


Building a safer, connected community makes St. Peters a better place to live, work and play. More and more people, and more and more companies, consider the ease of bike and foot travel when they choose where to locate. With each and every project, we’re not just connecting trails … we’re connecting to a successful future.


Our national motto, “In God We Trust.”




Relax—It’s Time for Sunset Fridays!


Have you ever had a long week? Maybe every week feels that way. You deserve to unwind, and we have the perfect place for you. Come out to Sunset Fridays concerts at 370 Lakeside Park, where the music and atmosphere are both relaxing and FREE—and we’ll even throw in beautiful sunsets and a breeze off the lake, no extra charge!


If you’ve ever come out to this summer concert series, you know about its winery-style, date-night atmosphere. And, if you haven’t made it out yet, give it a try! Our first concert is scheduled for May 19. We have comfortable seating for more than 300 people, or you can bring your own lawn chairs and sit in the courtyard or on the lawn. Come early and enjoy a delicious dinner, snacks and refreshments including ice cold beer, soft drinks and wine served by the Gator Island Grill starting at 6 p.m. The concerts begin at 6:30 p.m.


The entertainment this year will be just as wonderful as always, starting with local favorite Wade Trent on May 19, followed by Sins of the Pioneers on May 26. Music genres will vary from Rock and Pop to Blues, Jazz, Latin/Soul and Acoustic hits. We have 12 Sunset Fridays concerts scheduled through Aug. 11 (with one weekend off before the week of Independence Day).


See you out at the lake for Sunset Fridays!


CLICK HERE to learn more and see the entire 2017 Sunset Fridays concert series.


Our national motto, “In God We Trust.”




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