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City of St. Peters Administration


City Administrator, William P. Charnisky

William P. CharniskyThe City Administrator is responsible for the administration and management of the City’s professional staff, providing leadership, coordination and development of City departments. The City Administrator helps to resolve issues by promoting communications among the Elected Officials, citizens and staff.

The City Administrator directs the daily operations of City government, handles personnel functions and is responsible for the preparation of a budget. The City Administrator develops the Board of Aldermen agenda for regular meetings, work sessions and retreats.

Bill Charnisky has served as City Administrator since May 1997.





City Clerk, Patty Smith

Patty SmithThe Office of the City Clerk provides administrative and legislative support to the City including maintenance of City records, producing Board of Aldermen meeting minutes, updates to the City of St. Peters Municipal Code and posting legal notices. The Office of the City Clerk helps citizens access public records and other information.

The City Clerk is appointed by the Board of Alderman and acts as a link in the legislative process among the Board of Aldermen, citizens and staff. She prepares and distributes the Board of Aldermen meeting packets and agendas, follows up on legislative actions and provides administrative assistance to the Board of Aldermen.

Patty Smith was sworn in as City Clerk on May 9, 2011.




City Collector, Rita Westerson

Rita WestersonThe Mayor, with the consent of the Board of Aldermen, appoints the City Collector who assumes responsibility for assisting in the collection of various taxes, licenses and fees. The most significant revenue source for general governmental functions is taxes. Historically tax revenues include a combination of four distinct resources: sales tax, property tax, utility franchise taxes, and the cigarette tax.

Rita Westerson has served as City Collector since October 1993.







City Treasurer, Dale Brown

The Board of Aldermen, with the approval of the Mayor, appoints the City Treasurer who assists the City’s finance management structure in the maintenance of an internal control structure designed to ensure that the assets of the City are protected from loss, theft, or misuse. He ensures that accounting management practices relating to the treasury accounts of the City are in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.

Dale Brown has served as City Treasurer since August 1986.